Drain issues differ quite a bit, like drains that take a long time to empty or toilets that clog often. When you notice these problems right away, you can stop them from becoming emergencies that require expensive plumbing repairs. Knowing when to seek a professional’s help to solve an issue before it gets worse is also important.

1. Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks Drain Slowly

Common culprits for a kitchen sink that drains slowly are soap residue, fat, and leftover food pieces. Fat is a big issue because it can solidify inside the pipes and trap different waste materials. Sinks in the bathroom can have problems draining because of buildup like toothpaste residue, tiny bits of soap, and strands of hair. These things come together to create clogs that restrict the movement of water.

To stop these problems, install filters for your drains. These can keep them safe overall. Even so, small bits of debris can pass through and make clogs. If you see the water going down slowly, clean the drains quickly, and call a plumber. A professional can effectively remove the buildup without damaging the pipes.

2. Waste and Water Backup

Tubs, toilets, sinks, and showers can experience waste and water backups which may require sewer repairs. These problems can arise from different causes such as root intrusion, pipes breaking down or collapsing, rust causing damage, or shifts in the soil around the sewer line. This scenario is complex, requiring precise identification of the underlying cause.

It is best to give this job to expert plumbers who have the training and experience to resolve such issues. Plumbers work with tools like cameras for the sewers and snakes that you turn by hand to find out what’s wrong and fix it properly. It is important call for professional help as soon as you see waste and water backing up into your house so that viruses, bacteria, and poisons do not spread and impact household members’ health.

Any amount of exposure to raw sewage can be dangerous. Even brief exposure can cause stomachaches, headaches, difficulty breathing, and skin rashes. Being exposed for longer periods can lead to potential organ failure and even death.

3. Kitchen Sink Has a Foul Smell

Smells coming from your kitchen sink can make you uncomfortable and might also be a risk for your health, causing dizziness, nausea, worry, and more stress. The smells often come from organic debris, fat, and bits of food that get stuck. As bacteria cause these particles to decompose, they generate foul odors.

When your kitchen sink has an unpleasant smell, it needs to be cleaned deeply. Often, using hot water with white vinegar can get rid of the smell. If the smell stays even after cleaning many times, it might be good to ask a plumber to check the drain. It might reveal problems like leaks that allow sewer gas to infiltrate your home.

4. Frequently Clogged Toilet

Toilets can get blocked because people use too much toilet paper or flush things that should not be flushed, such as wet wipes and female hygiene products. Other times, these blockages can mean there are more significant problems with the sewage pipes. Though it may appear that chemical cleaners provide an immediate solution, they could harm the pipes. For this reason, they are typically not recommended for use.

If clogs keep recurring, it is a good idea to ask a skilled plumber for help. Schedule professional drain cleaning services because these can completely clear out your pipes and remove any blockages that may be forming.

Schedule a Drain Inspection with Spartan Plumbing

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