Plumbing Services in Tucson & Phoenix, AZ

When you need to hire a trustworthy and skilled plumber for your home or business, look no further than Spartan Plumbing! Our team provides fast, convenient, effective, and affordable services to our customers. All of our plumbers are highly trained, so you can count on us to solve various plumbing problems and handle many of your plumbing needs. As a family-owned and -operated plumbing company that has been serving the greater Tucson area since 1987, we have worked hard to build a reputation as the best plumber in the area.

Contact the Spartan Plumbing team by calling 520-617-1000! We’re available 24/7 for your plumbing emergencies.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Many plumbing companies do not offer 24-hour emergency services, but we do! Spartan Plumbing believes in the importance of helping clients out when they need it the most, even if it's the middle of the night when a lot of water starts leaking from a pipe or you’re dealing with a backed-up shower with standing water. We know emergencies can happen, and they are often inconvenient, so we're here to help at any moment.

Call 520-617-1000 when you have a plumbing emergency that requires urgent attention!

Water Heaters

We use hot water for a variety of tasks throughout the day, so it’s important to always have a reliable source at your home or business. If you need to have a new water heater installed or need repairs for a failing unit, our team is here to help.

Tankless Water Heaters

Interested in getting a tankless water heater? These water heaters are convenient because they are compact and energy-efficient. We know how to install them and can replace your old water heater with a tankless option.

For all your water heater needs in the Tucson and Phoenix areas, call 520-617-1000 or contact us online today.

Our Sewer & Drain Services

Your sewer line and drains are essential to all aspects of your plumbing system, but also some of the most problem-prone areas. To ensure that everything always flows easily through your drains, Spartan Plumbing provides comprehensive drain and sewer services.

Drain Cleaning

Experiencing standing water in your sinks? If so, you probably have clogged drains. Lots of different things can fall down the drains and lead to buildup and clogs, including hair, oil, grease, and more. If you need your drains cleared, we'll come to you with our equipment to complete the drain cleaning process.

Sewer Line Repairs

Damage to your sewer line can occur over time. If you're dealing with serious sewer line issues, Spartan Plumbing can fix them. Our team will use various diagnostic tools to determine the issue and then provide the necessary repairs. If repairs aren't possible, we can perform either traditional or trenchless sewer line replacement

Trenchless Sewer Repair

When you are looking for a simple way to handle sewer problems without making a huge mess, a trenchless sewer repair is the best route to take. It is a non-invasive approach that will fix your sewer problem without damaging your landscaping.

Sewer Smoke Testing

When trying to detect sewer leaks, sewer smoke testing is a convenient and effective method that lets us pinpoint the source. If you suspect you have a leak somewhere in your home but just can’t figure out where, our team can complete this test to determine the location.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a safe and effective method to remove particularly troublesome clogs. Utilizing an extremely high water pressure to cut through debris and buildup, it won’t damage your pipes, unlike some mechanical methods of removing clogs.

For fast and effective sewer and drain services in Tucson, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas, call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 or contact us online.

Leak Detection & Repair

Plumbing leaks can quickly spell disaster for any home or business owner. If left untreated, they can rack up significant water bills and cause damage to your possessions. Spartan Plumbing can help determine the source of a leak and fix it before it causes any more damage to your property.

Water Leak Detection

If water is leaking from a plumbing fixture at your home or business, it's causing water waste and will cost you more money. We will detect leaks, find out what is causing them, and then provide different solutions to fix those leaks.

Slab Leak Repairs

If a pipe underneath concrete breaks, you will likely need slab leak repairs. Dealing with a leaking pipe underneath a concrete slab may seem frustrating, but we will eliminate that frustration for you by handling this problem quickly and efficiently.

Don't let a leak spell serious damage to your home! Call 520-617-1000 or contact us online for reliable leak detection and repair.

Pipe Services in Tucson & Phoenix

Pipes are the backbone of any plumbing system, so it’s essential that they are in top-notch shape and ready to take on the plumbing demands of your home or business. We provide a range of pipe services, from installation to repair and everything in between.

Perma-Liner Installation

As the only certified Perma-Liner TM installer in Arizona, Spartan Plumbing has installed over 1 million feet of lining without any failures. We’ve been doing this for over a decade, so you can count on our experience to get the job done right. With a Perma-Liner for your business, you can reinforce your plumbing system to protect against leaks, saving you many headaches down the road.


Having to completely repipe your home or business may seem daunting, but our team will help make the process seamless for you. Once your pipes reach a certain age, the wear and tear can lead to leaks and burst pipe problems. If you're experiencing a lot of corrosion with your old pipes, now may be the right time for us to come out and start repiping.

Burst Pipe Repair

Burst pipes are any homeowner's nightmare, but fortunately, Spartan Plumbing is here to help! Our team is available 24/7 for emergency plumbing repairs, so don’t hesitate to call when a pipe bursts in your home. If left unattended, it can quickly cause significant damage in your home, so our team will act quickly to repair the pipe.

Backflow Testing & Certification

Backflow testing is important because contaminated water can start coming out of faucets inside the home. If contaminated water comes out of the faucets, it's not good to use and could cause numerous health risks. Because this is a serious issue, we provide backflow testing and certification to ensure contaminated water is not making its way into homes and commercial properties.

Call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 or contact us online to schedule pipe services in Tucson or Phoenix.

Water Treatment

At Spartan Plumbing, we understand the importance of having high-quality water for your home and family. Our water treatment methods will ensure your water tastes good and is free of contaminants.

Water Filtration Systems

A whole-house water filtration system will ensure you have access to high-quality water throughout your entire home. Our team specializes in the installation and maintenance of these systems. Once you call our team, we’ll walk you through your options so that you can select the best system for your needs.

Water Softeners

If your dealing with hard water that's damaging your fixtures and making showering uncomfortable, consider having a water softener installed. Having our team install a water softener will eliminate your hard water problem, ultimately protecting your fixtures, dishes, clothing, skin, hair, and more!

Don’t deal with low-quality water at your Tucson home or business! Contact Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 to discuss water treatment options.

Plumbing Faucets & Fixtures

If you need to have a new faucet, sink, or other plumbing fixtures installed, let us know. Trying to install these fixtures on your own could cause a lot of frustration. Most importantly, you do not want to complete the installation only to find out you did things the wrong way. Trust our team to get the job done right so that you can sit back and relax.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you may need to rely on our services when changing things around. Want to move your toilet or put the sink in a different spot? No worries! At Spartan Plumbing, we are prepared to assist you with your bathroom remodeling process so that you can improve the design of your bathroom.

Clogged Toilet Repairs

If your toilet is clogged and you can't seem to fix the problem on your own with the use of a plunger, you may need us to inspect the issue and remove the clog with our high-quality plumbing tools. A clogged toilet may not seem like a big deal, but it becomes a problem when the toilet will not flush. Let us solve this issue for you.

Garbage Disposals

Is your garbage disposal jammed? Is it making some weird noises? If so, the grind chamber may be damaged. When you want to get to the bottom of this issue and get it resolved, Spartan Plumbing is the company to call. We can fix, repair, replace and install a new garbage disposal for you.

To have a fixture installed or repaired in the Phoenix area, contact the Spartan Plumbing team at 520-617-1000.

Our Other Plumbing Services

Spartan Plumbing believes in being your main source for plumbing help in the greater Tucson area. That’s why we provide a comprehensive list of plumbing services for homes and businesses in the area to ensure all components of your plumbing system are in great shape.

Gas Line Services

You need to have a working gas line to have a working stove and to keep your home warm. If something is wrong with the line or if there is a leak, we can detect it and perform professional repairs. All gas line work needs to be completed by a licensed plumber. Spartan provides reliable and affordable gas line repair and gas line installation services in Tucson.

New Construction Plumbing

Having a home built for you? During the construction process, you'll need to hire a reliable and experienced plumber to install various plumbing fixtures. We have experience with new construction plumbing and would love to help you with this process.

Sump Pumps

Experiencing some flooding in your basement more often than usual? Let us install a sump pump to put a stop to this problem while protecting the integrity of your home’s foundation.

To schedule plumbing services for your home or business in Tucson, Phoenix, or the surrounding area, call 520-617-1000 or contact us online.

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing?

Not sure why you should hire us to handle your plumbing-related tasks? Our family-owned business provides excellent customer service and competitive pricing for services most homeowners and businesses cannot handle on their own. We have built a solid reputation in Tucson, and our positive customer reviews and testimonials show why we are one of the best choices for your home or business. Other benefits you'll receive when working with us include:

  • Our guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with the plumbing services you receive from Spartan. We are not satisfied with the work we have completed unless our customers are satisfied with the work we have completed. We'll continue to do what needs to get done to meet your expectations, ensuring that you have a great experience.
  • Experienced technicians: You do not have to worry about any unskilled workers coming into your home or property to handle plumbing issues, as we only hire the best and most experienced technicians. Our team always follows the proper plumbing procedures and codes for repair and installation.
  • Licensed plumbers: It's important to make sure you are having plumbing work completed by a licensed plumber. Our skilled plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our technicians are required to obtain the proper licensing and certifications to provide both residential and commercial plumbing services to our customers.

Call us today at 520-617-1000 to schedule plumbing services in the Tucson and Phoenix area. Quality service is guaranteed at competitive prices!

24/7 Emergency Service

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