When it comes to your home, we understand you want nothing less than the best, and the best is what we have to offer at Spartan Plumbing. We use the best sewer camera equipment from major brands, such as Rigid See Snake and Viztrac to get clear HD real-time videos and pictures of the inside of your pipes. We are committed to helping our customers find long-lasting solutions that get the job done right and keep your home plumbing flowing smoothly.

If your pipes are clogged repeatedly or if you just want to know where to dig down your mainline in your yard, our video camera inspection service is right for you. With our high-tech sewer inspection cameras, we can look directly through your drains and sewer systems, identify any current issues, and even present potential disasters. When you hire us to inspect your drains or sewer system, we will explain what is happening inside your pipes and then recommend the best option to fix the problem. Give us a call at (520) 600-7000 to learn more about our sewer camera inspection services in Tucson, AZ, and beyond.