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Most homes in Arizona are supplied with hard water. This means the water contains excessive amounts of metals or minerals that can harm your plumbing fixtures and pipes, causing them to corrode or build up limescale over time. If you are tired of the negative effects of hard water on your home and your cleaning routine, contact your Tucson water softener team for the right solution. We provide water softener services for all property sizes.

What are the benefits of water softeners?

Once you have experienced the convenience of water softeners, you cannot imagine doing daily chores and tasks without them.

Hard water can leave residue, streaks, or white spots on your dishes or clothing. Water softeners condition the hard water to be less abrasive on these items. Appliances such as coffeemakers can also benefit from these systems, as their inside components won’t have to deal with buildup from the minerals normally found in hard water.

In addition to helping your home, water softeners can also help you. Hate how your hair feels brittle after a shower, or how your skin is always dry or flaky when you wash? This is from the hard water in your system. Installing a water softener will help improve the condition of your skin and hair, making them smoother and shinier after every wash. Additionally, those that suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema will also find that their symptoms improve with a water softener in place.

Is there any maintenance involved?

Water softeners do not require too much maintenance. With most systems, you simply need to add salt from time to time to keep the regeneration process moving along. How often salt needs to be added depends on the amount of time it takes for your system to regenerate. The more it regenerates, the more salt you will need to add. Most homeowners add salt every 8 weeks. You can often tell when it’s time to add more salt if you notice that the water in the brine tank is above the salt level.

Not sure if you have hard water? Look out for these signs:

Hard water problems are easy to notice. Do any of the following seem familiar?

Spots on your dishes: Drinking glasses may become more foggy over time, or dishes could develop spots or residue that just won’t go away.

Limescale buildup on faucets and other appliances: When hard water dries, it can leave behind that white chalky substance. This is a sure sign that you need to install a water softener. Untreated hard water can eventually damage your plumbing fixtures and piping over time.

Dull skin and hair: Hard water is notorious for affecting the skin and hair. Is your skin itchy and dry? Does your hair seem dull and brittle? This is the result of high levels of magnesium and calcium in your water. Solve the problem with a new water softener set up by your Spartan Plumbing team.

Clothes lose their color: White clothes will gradually turn gray over time, and vibrant colors will dull. If you are currently using detergent that claims to fight against minerals and metals in water, don’t be surprised when the effects continue to worsen. In these cases, the only solution is to transition to a water softening system.

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Enjoy longer lasting faucets and fixtures, better tasting water, and brighter clothes from the laundry. Call us at 520-617-1000 to install your new water softener system. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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