Our Tucson Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Save on costly sewer problems. Call your Tucson trenchless sewer repair experts at 520-617-1000. Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is your friendly local plumber serving the neighborhood since 1987.


Your sewer line can break or become damaged over time. We can repair or replace most underground sewer lines with little or no digging. If you are looking for Tucson trenchless sewer repair specialists, you’ve come to the right place. Past customers are extremely happy with the results of our long-term repairs.

What are the benefits of trenchless sewer repair?

The main benefit to trenchless repairs is less disturbance on your property. We won’t have to dig up your entire front yard to find and replace the mainline. You will also save on sod and other landscaping replacements, common in traditional trench jobs. This is true of sewer pipe lining in repairing old or deteriorating pipes. We simply insert a fiberglass liner through the existing pipe, minimizing damage and unnecessary excavation. This comes with a full 50-year warranty on service and sewer line replacement.

Trenchless sewer repairs are also faster compared to traditional methods. This means shorter downtime in your plumbing. There is also less chance of a sewage spill, keeping your property clean and sanitary throughout the entire project.

You mention Perma-Liner a lot, what are its advantages?

Perma-Liner systems involve a polyurethane tube that fits snugly within old pipes. When you have a break in an underground pipe, we can snake the Perma-Liner system into the existing pipe to fill it. There’s no need to remove the old pipe, reducing time and cost factors. There is little to no digging. The Perma-Liner method provides long-term solutions that beat traditional pipe replacement. It may be decades before the pipe needs to be repaired again.

Because the sewer line is cleaned and inspected with cameras before inserting the liner, you receive a clean bill of health from our experts. If there are any other issues, we will address them quickly. Learn more about the benefits of Perma-Liner here.

What about pipe bursting?

Another trenchless strategy is pipe bursting. We only need to dig two separate holes to access either end of the pipe. A bursting head with the new pipe is placed into the old pipe. As the head moves forward, it blasts the old pipe apart while pulling the new material through. A winch is often on the opposite end to pull the old pipe out of the trench. The new pipe is the only part that remains, using the old pipe’s location as a solid support for years of reliable use.

This method features limited disruption to your yard and surrounding property.

Work with Tucson’s most experienced trenchless sewer repair team. Call Spartan Plumbing, Inc. today at 520-617-1000 and ask for your free estimate. We are happy to discuss the different repair strategies to determine the most cost-effective option for you.

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