Professional Sewer Line Replacement in Tucson, AZ

For many sewer problems, sewer repair can fix the issues, but sometimes, the damage from tree roots and aging pipes is too severe to be repaired. When you are facing serious sewer problems, you may need to invest in sewer line replacement. Spartan Plumbing offers sewer line replacement with trenchless options that can protect your home while giving you a new, better-functioning sewer.

Trust the Tucson team at Spartan Plumbing for service when your sewer needs to be replaced, not repaired. Call (520) 617-1000 or contact us online for help.

Common Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Seeing your sewer line is not possible because it runs underneath your home and the ground in your yard. So how can you tell if you need sewer replacement? There are signs that you can look for that indicate sewer line damage, and these include:

  • Strange sewage smells around your home
  • Gurgling noises from the toilet when not in use
  • Drains do not work
  • Surprisingly green lawn, especially if it has patchy spots of green
  • Mold on your home’s walls without an apparent reason
  • Soft spots and puddles in your yard
  • Rodent and pest problems
  • Backed-up toilets

These signs all indicate sewer problems, and our team can assess the damage to determine if replacement or repair is suitable. Call (520) 617-1000 or contact our team online to schedule an inspection.

What to Expect with Sewer Replacement

Sewer line replacement involves removing the old, damaged sewer line and replacing it with a new, leak-free line. If you have a serious leak that cannot be fixed with relining or other repair methods, replacement is the only option to get things flowing again. Our team uses video camera inspections to assess the damage, then provide a plan for sewer replacement that will effectively replace the damaged area with as little disruption to your home as possible. The amount of sewer replacement will depend on the extent and location of the damage.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Traditionally, sewer line replacement required a trench dug in the yard, but this is not always necessary. Trenchless sewer replacement allows us to insert a cable into the sewer line, pull the new line into position, and burst the old pipe without digging a trench. Whenever possible, the Spartan Plumbing team will choose trenchless sewer replacement to protect your yard and help you enjoy a new, fully functional sewer without the mess.

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing for Your Sewer Replacement Needs in Tucson?

Replacing a sewer line is a complex job that requires the attention of a qualified plumber. We are focused on providing exceptional customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job we perform. We strive to replace your sewer with as little disruption to your home as possible.

Don’t let sewer problems damage your home. Call (520) 617-1000 or contact our Tucson plumbing team online to schedule a sewer line replacement assessment today. 

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