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Do you smell sewage coming from your drains?

Contact us for professional sewer smoke testing services. This is an effective way to locate leaks, cracks, or breaks in your sewer line without having to carry out any excavation.

Signs you need to call for sewer smoke testing:

  • Defective sewer connections that could allow gases from the sewer line into your home or building
  • Noticeable leaks in your sewer line
  • Discolored water

Do you need to replace the pipes in your home?

Repiping is necessary if your home still features galvanized steel or polybutylene piping. These are older materials that were once thought to be the most reliable. However, they have proven to be the complete opposite and are prone to corrosion and deterioration over time. Make sure your home complies with all local safety codes and contact us for replacement.

Other signs you need to repipe your home:

Foul smells coming from your water supply: This indicates a deteriorating pipe.

Unusual water color: If your water has a reddish tint to it, this is a sign of rusted pipes that need to be replaced.

Leaks: Are there recurring leaks? This may point to severe damage in your sewer or drain line. We will inspect your system to see if repiping is the best solution.

What about trenchless pipe lining?

In some cases, you don’t need to replace your entire pipe system. You may just need targeted repairs. This is where trenchless pipelining can be an advantage. It eliminates the need to dig up your property; it is versatile and can be used around bends; it can be started and stopped at any point in the line.

A method of trenchless repair we specialize in involves the installation of Perma-Liner systems. We are the only plumbing company in Arizona certified to perform this installation. The Perma-Liner system works by lining the inside of the pipe with a special epoxy resin. The resin molds the existing sewer line from within, providing an effective way to repair your broken line without having to completely replace it.

Advantages of installing Perma-Liner systems include limited excavation and less time spent looking for the problem, while your landscaping and property remain intact.

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