The Scottsdale “No Dig” Sewer Drain Pipe Lining & Rehabilitation Solution

The team of professionals at Spartan Plumbing is pleased that you’re looking at us for your pipelining needs. We appreciate your trust in us and strive to exceed your expectations.

Your rotting sewer pipes are endangering your health and that of everyone else at your locations. Rotting and corroding pipes are a root cause of sewage gas odors, water contamination, rodent infestations, and inefficient drainage of wastewater.

Gone are the days of the past, when the only treatment for rotting pipes was to dig trenches, remove the pipes, and completely replace them. Pipelining is becoming the norm, as it is a more sensible solution to repair old sewer line pipe that are damaged.

Due to our proprietary tools and experience, we are one of the most affordable options!

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing for CIPP Solutions?

We are one of the oldest pipe lining installers in the country and the oldest in Arizona. We have been lining since 2002 and have almost 800,000 ft of liner installed without any installation failures or warranty calls. Spartan Plumbing guarantees the installation for 50 years and we are backed by Perma-Liner who backs your warranty. We are the most experienced Perma-Liner installers and considered the elite when it comes to liner installations.

We have proprietary tools for this kind of work and are recognized as one of largest leaders. Choose a company that has been doing it for 17 years.

Jobs We Have Completed

  • Caesars Palace in Vegas
  • Stratosphere in Vegas
  • Sunrise Hospital in Vegas
  • Phoenix Memorial
  • Tucson Medical Center
  • City of Tucson – City Hall
  • Spago, Las Vegas – Wolfgang Puc

Why You Should Hire Spartan for Pipe Lining?

Pipe relining, more commonly called pipe lining, enables you to refurbish and strengthen the rotting existing pipes by lining those existing, rotting pipes with a superior resin material. This process eliminates virtually any need for trenching to access the pipes that are damaged. Pipe lining (aka pipe relining) is an excavation-free method to repair those corroded pipes without destroying your landscaping. It is using a trenchless process and relining broken or leaking pipes that are underground. Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is a process of repairing and restoring existing pipes using liquid resin and textile liner. Another popular option is using an Epoxy Resin like what we use with Perma-Liner. 

Reasons Pipe Lining & CIPP are Becoming Popular

Pipelining is quickly becoming the preferred method for pipe repairs. Here are 5 reasons why industry leaders and customers alike prefer pipelining.

  • Economical: Pipelining saves you money! You’ll spend far less on labor costs, trenching costs, and the added cost of landscape restoration.
  • Added Convenience: Don’t try to live your life around your pipe work. Pipelining typically takes one day for a small commercial facility or house.
  • Better than PVC or cast iron Pipes: Pipelining resin is stronger and will hold up better than cast iron or PVC. You can expect it to last about 50 years.
  • Less Damaging: Trenching makes a mess of your yard and causes untold damage. Pipelining will typically cause only minimal disruption.
  • Less Noisy Process: A trenching operation is very noisy. The distraction of noise is cut in half by pipelining.

How Does the CIPP Pipe Lining Process Work?

Pipe lining is a new concept to many people. Keeping you informed is part of our job, so we’re glad you’re interested in learning how the pipelining process will work if you choose this solution.

1 – Begin with a camera inspection

We’ll begin with a camera inspection of your sewer pipes. The plumber will check the photos he collects to see if your cast iron pipes must be cleared of debris. It’s quite likely that your pipes are impacted by roots, sludge, or grease buildup.

2—Pressure washing

We will use high-power stream of water to pressure wash the old pipes.  This cleans the debris out of the pipes, so we will have an optimal environment for pipelining. The pressure washing is also called hydro jetting.

3—The second camera inspection

We will confirm that all is clear for the pipelining via a second camera inspection.

4—Determine the materials

The plumber’s next step will be to perform a detailed series of calculations to determine how much material he needs to perform the job.

5—Feed in the Liner

The plumber will feed the liner into your old pipes using special tools and equipment.

6—Add Air Pressure

The specialist uses a specialized air compressor to inflate add air pressure to the liner.  This cures the material. After he has completed the job, you’ll be all set for fifty years!

Perma-Liner Installation

Spartan Plumbing strives to maintain our status as the best plumbers in Las Vegas. Because of our high standards, we partner only with companies who can supply the industry’s best performing products. Perma-Liner is our liner of choice because they have quality expectations that are as stringent as our own!

5 Indicators That You Need Sewer Drain Pipe Lining

You may have found our website because you’re seeking information on how to know when it’s finally time to replace those old cast iron pipes. This overview will give you five significant indicators.

Toilet flushing issues

Have your toilets started flushing too slowly? Do they make odd noise as they flush? Do they have a hard time handling the waste with just one flush? These all indicate a problem in your sewer drain.

You smell sewage

The smell of sewage indicates sewage gas. This gas builds up as a natural by-product of waste breakdown. When the waste is clogging the line, the smell backs up into the building and produces that terrible smell.

Sink Holes

Getting sinkholes in your yard? They are a very dangerous problem that are often indicative of a failing sewer drain.

Slow-draining sinks

If you’ve noticed a slow down in how quickly your sinks, bathtub, or shower drain, the sluggishness could be attributed to your pipes.

Insects are bugging you

Have you seen a lot of drain flies, cockroaches, or fruit flies making their way into your bathroom or kitchen? They can enter into a drain pipe crack no larger than the tip of a pencil, make their way up your pipes, and start buzzing around your home.

Why Trenchless Pipe Lining is Better

Trenchless pipelining has rapidly become the preferred method of dealing with sewer drain pipe issues. If you think you have problems associated with aging cast iron pipes, please call the professionals t Spartan Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling in Scottsdale. We will be glad to assess the problem.

Residential or Commercial Services

The Spartan Plumbing staff has handled pipe lining jobs for a large number of happy residential and commercial clients. We are here to serve your needs. We are one of the largest Perma-Liner installers in the country and we have installed some of the largest Perma-Liner jobs to this day. So when you choose Spartan Plumbing, you are choosing one of the best.

Book Spartan Plumbing Today!

If you believe you’re in need of pipe lining, call Spartan Plumbing today. We are available to book same-day service, if needed. Call Spartan at 520-617-1000, we have a team of pipe-lining professionals in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

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