The Phoenix “No Dig” Sewer Drain Pipe Lining & Rehabilitation Solution

Consider the Spartan Plumbing team to be the Phoenix pipelining experts. If the pipes at your business or home are deteriorating, they could fail at any moment. Pipes that are rusting away cause a dangerous situation.

These failing pipes can create a sewage stench, contaminate your groundwater by leaking, and cause you to have slow wastewater drainage. Before pipelining or pipe relining what was your only remedy? Expensive and disruptive excavation to remove and replace your old, rusty pipes.

Today, you have a new option called pipelining. It’s a less disruptive solution for your home or business. Thanks to Spartan Plumbing staffing the most experienced Phoenix plumbers, we have the experience to offer this newer and more affordable option.

Due to our proprietary tools and experience, we are one of the most affordable options!

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing for CIPP Pipe Lining?

We are one of the oldest pipe lining installers in the country and the oldest in Arizona. We have been lining since 2002 and have almost 800,000 ft of liner installed without any installation failures or warranty calls. Spartan Plumbing guarantees the installation for 50 years and we are backed by Perma-Liner who backs your warranty. We are the most experienced Perma-Liner installers and considered the elite when it comes to liner installations.

We have proprietary tools for this kind of work and are recognized as one of largest leaders. Choose a company that has been doing it for 17 years.

Jobs We Have Completed

  • Caesars Palace in Vegas
  • Stratosphere in Vegas
  • Sunrise Hospital in Vegas
  • Phoenix Memorial
  • Tucson Medical Center
  • City of Tucson – City Hall
  • Spago, Las Vegas – Wolfgang Puc

What is Pipe lining or CIPP?

Pipe lining (aka pipe relining) is an excavation-free method to repair those corroded pipes without destroying your landscaping. It is using a trenchless process and relining broken or leaking pipes that are underground. Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is a process of repairing and restoring existing pipes using liquid resin and textile liner. Another popular option is using an Epoxy Resin like what we use with Perma-Liner. 

Why Is Pipe Lining Better?

Pipe lining, which you also might hear referred to as pipe relining or Cured In Place Piping (CIPP), can often be used to reline the inside of your old pipes instead of removing and replacing them.

Benefits of Pipe Lining

This newer method is superior to trenching methods that destroy your yard! Here are some of the top reasons to opt for pipe lining:

  • Budget-friendly: Because you don’t need the labor or rental costs of any excavating equipment, you’ll save money.
  • Less Time Spent on Repairs: While you’re having pipes restored, you’re left without water! Pipe lining cuts down on this wait time. Plumber bill by the hour and the lower amount of time spent will equal a lower final bill.
  • Superior to cast Iron or PVC: Pipelining is superior to the old cast Iron pipes and stronger than PVC. It has a lifespan of about 125 years.
  • No Landscape Repairs: We won’t leave you the headache of a landscape repair.
  • Quiet Installation: Pipe trenching is noisy and disrupts your day. Pipe relining is far quieter an operation!

How Does the Pipe Lining (CIPP) Process Work?

Many people have not heard about pipe lining, so it’s natural to ask. We welcome the opportunity to share information about the pipe relining process.

1 – Start with video

We perform a video inspection of your pipes before we start. The plumber reviews images of your pipes to assess if your pipes are free of obstructions. We commonly find tree roots, sludge, or grease that needs to be cleared.

2—Water Jetting

Water jetting is performed using a high-pressure stream. This clears the pipes of any debris that could interfere with the pipelining process.

3—A secondary video

Once we clear the pipes with water jetting, our plumber will confirm that we cleared away all debris. This ensures that we have a clear surface for the resin.

4—Calculate the materials

Now that the plumber has cleared away debris and confirmed that your location is appropriate for pipe relining, he’ll carefully calculate how much resin and liner he needs for your installation.

5—Liner insertion

The technician uses new, specialized gear to run the liner and resin down your old pipes.

6—Inflate the liner

Our plumber will next use a special compressor to inflate and cure the pipeliner. Once cured, you will have a fifty year lining in your old pipes. In addition, he will give you the go-ahead to resume using your water right away.

Perma-Liner Installation With a 50 Year Warranty

The Spartan Plumbing team wants to deliver only the best to our customers. To that end, we use Perma-Liner products for our pipe lining projects. Because we use this top-notch solution, we are certain that we are leaving you with the best available product in the industry. Our commitment to use this quality material is only one reason why we are one of the most trusted plumbing companies in Phoenix.

Reasons You May Need Sewer Drain Pipe Lining?

You might be uncertain whether you’re on the verge of needing sewer drain pipelining. To help you decide, here are 5 tell tale signs that your sewer drain needs to be relined:

Sewage blockages/backups

When your toilets are slow to flush or make odd gurgling noises as the waste chugs down the drain, you most likely have an unseen blockage. Your toilets could back up at any moment, often without notice.

Embarrassing sewer odors

Sewer odors are more than just embarrassing. They are a symptom of a serious sewer pipe issue. The problem will only get worse.

Patches of mold or mildew

Mold or mildew requires a moist environment. Spots of mold or mildew on the sheetrock, especially in the area where you believe there are plumbing pipes, tell you that there’s dampness. This could be from a leaking or corroded pipe.

Slow draining sinks

Sinks and showers should freely drain. If you’ve already tried to dislodge hair clogs, but you’re still experiencing slow drainage, there might be a deeper problem with your pipes.

Unwanted pests

If your old, corroded sewer pipes have even small cracks, they could be an entry point for bugs or rodents. If your exterminating efforts don’t seem to stop the influx of these unwanted guests, call for a video inspection of your pipes.

Why Choose Trenchless Pipelining with CIPP?

Trenchless pipe lining resolves the problems caused by your old, corroding cast Iron pipes. Better yet, it can resolve those problems without the mess or disruption of trenching.

The experienced staff of Spartan Plumbing will have your pipes restored permanently. When we leave your home or business will be free of those foul odors and slow drains.

Commercial and Residential Services

At Spartan Plumbing, we offer professional services and can perform pipe lining at either commercial or residential locations. We will perform the job quickly and accurately so that you are not inconvenienced for any longer than necessary.

Call Today!

Your well-being is our main concern. We offer same-day service, so you won’t need to live with the odor of sewer gas another day! We have a dedicated pipe lining team in Phoenix, AZ that is able to help you, call us at [site_info_phone_numner] to schedule your appointment.

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