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When do you need sewer smoke testing performed?

Sewer smoke testing is used to detect cracks, breaks, and leaks in your sewer line. This is one of the most effective ways to diagnose pipe damage.

There are several signs to determine if you need to call your plumber for sewer smoke testing:

  • Do you hear bubbling sounds coming from your drain? This happens when air cannot escape to the sewer lines.
  • Do you smell strong sewage odors from your sink, shower, or other drains? Damaged pipes can emit this odor.
  • Does your water smell strange? Has it changed color? If water quality has deteriorated, you may have a problem in your sewer line.
  • Has your water bill increased unexpectedly? This means there is a leak somewhere in your line.

What are some signs that you need to repipe your home?

How do you know if repiping becomes necessary? Take a look below:

  • Is your home over 20 years old? Older structures will need to be repiped to keep the plumbing system compliant with local codes.
  • Do you have galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes? These are often found in older homes and are known to deteriorate over time. They will need to be replaced if you still have them in your home.
  • Are leaks recurring despite constant repairs? It may be more cost-effective to replace the piping so you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems.
  • Has water pressure decreased? This indicates rust or a severe blockage in the pipe.

What is an effective sewer repair method?

Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is certified to install Perma-Liner systems, which is a convenient, trenchless method of sewer repair. We are the only plumbing company in Arizona qualified to install the Perma-Liner product.

Using this method, we can access your pipes without having to dig up your property. This saves time, money, and ensures minimal damage to your property.

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