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Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. is your local Tucson plumbing and Tucson AC team. Providing high-profile plumbing solutions since 1987. Call us today at 520-617-1000 for excellent customer service and competitive rates.


For the most up-to-date plumbing solutions using the latest technology, look to Spartan Plumbing, Inc. We are your Tucson plumbers dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of industry developments to make sure you receive only the best service.

We specialize in high-profile plumbing work, including pipe bursting and trenchless sewer repair. Our pipe bursting services handle pipes up to 19” in diameter. We are able to upsize the pipes and pull to up 1,000 feet in a single pull.

Our reputation extends outside the Tucson area–we have clients in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix who looked to us after their local contractors were unable to provide the right solution. We find the problems that other companies cannot!

Take a look at some of the most challenging commercial projects we were able to solve for our customers.

Toscanova Restaurant

Problem: Toscanova is a restaurant located in Calabasas, CA. Spartan Plumbing, Inc. was called in after several local companies could not find the cause of a severe smell of methane gas on the property.

Solution: Within three hours of our arrival, we were able to locate the source of the problem. By visually assessing the problem areas and performing a smoke test, we were able to provide the customer with a full breakdown of the issue as well as recommendations for repairs.

Reference Contact: Fred Schiffer | (818) 225-0499

Pima Air & Space Museum/360th Memorial

Problem: We were called out to diagnose a methane smell that was making patrons sick.

Solution: We successfully located the problem area to be in a shower/lavatory that was improperly plumbed. We capped the line and eliminated the problem. Our team also repaired all of the drywall, leaving the area the same as when we first arrived.

Reference Contact: Terry Therrien | (520) 574-0287

The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

Problem: A ten year-old, eight-inch cast iron pipe ulcerated by beer and soda was missing the complete bottom of pipe. This problem extended from the Cheesecake Factory to F.A.O. Schwartz.

Solution: We hydrojetted the pipe lightly for approximately 140 hours to prepare for  installation of 300 feet of C.I.P.P. (cured-in-place pipe). We also burst approximately eight feet of pipe underneath the elevator.

This is the first job in casino history to be approved by the Federal Trade Commission without having three bids. There were no other competitors on this job, due to the fact that no one else would attempt this technology because of the condition of the pipe. The nearest bid to perform this job conventionally (saw-cutting and digging up The Forum Shops) was a difference of two million dollars from Spartan Plumbing’s bid.

This job was successfully completed in 120 days, without any inconvenience to the normal  operation of The Forum Shops.

***Spartan Plumbing, Inc. has been lining areas of The Forum Shops every year since this bid in 2006***

Reference Contact: Scott Fountain, Varsity Contractors | (949) 322-7980

Chuck Miller, Simon Properties | (702) 673-3847

The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

Problem: Pro Pipe shot approximately twenty feet of liner in six-inch pipe without cleaning the pipe out, reducing the pipe size to three inches and restricting flow.

Solution: We dug up and removed liner for Caesar’s management. The pipe was then replaced, and we re-shot approximately thirty feet of line.

Reference Contact: Scott Fountain, Varsity Contractors | (949) 322-7980

Chuck Miller, Simon Properties | (702) 673-3847

The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

Problem: An eight-inch pipe was missing approximately 60% of the pipe and could not be properly lined.

Solution: We performed pipe bursting on Restaurant Row–400 feet of eight-inch pipe. We were able to perform the work without interrupting the restaurants’ normal operation.

Reference Contact: Chuck Miller, Simon Properties | (702) 673-3847

City of Nogales, Arizona

Problem: Six-inch clay city sewer main running underneath residential housing featured root infiltration, causing the city sewer to back up inside of customers’ homes.

Solution: We hydrojetted the clay pipe clean of all roots and installed approximately 120 feet of six-inch liner, giving the City of Nogales a fifteen-year warranty.

Reference Contact: Mark Osterman | (520) 909-6129

Phoenix Memorial Hospital (cafeteria dishwasher room)

Problem: One third of four-inch cast iron pipe was missing from the bottom section of pipe, causing the pipe to not drain properly.

Solution: Spartan Plumbing, Inc. built a special sled to hydrojet the line and remove debris from the pipe. We also installed 40 feet of four-inch C.I.P.P. This job was performed around the accommodations of hospital health and business operations. This way, they could continue to successfully run their daily operations without shutting down.

Reference Contact: Phil Howard | (602) 824-5871

City of Tucson Risk Management

Spartan Plumbing Inc. has been performing work for the City of Tucson’s Risk Management Division for over 10 years, handling all of Risk Management’s major plumbing emergencies.

Reference Contact: Mark Martin | (520) 791-4728

College Place

We have worked on the complete remodel of the Plaza Hotel into a 196-unit college dormitory. This remodel has included new kitchenettes, tubs, lavatories, toilets, and running the ACE DuraFlo process throughout the entire building.

Reference Contact: Lee Pauline | (650) 759-3795

Spago Restaurant

Problem: 90% of the lines in the restaurant deteriorated from soda, beer, and normal wear and tear.

Solution: This job took three months to complete. Spartan Plumbing, Inc. worked at night so as to not disturb the normal business operations. We were the only company that could perform the work without shutting the restaurant down.

Reference Contact: Eric, Head Chef | (310) 497-6823

Town of Catalina, Arizona

Problem: Six-inch pipe needed to be burst and concrete pumped.

Solution: Spartan Plumbing, Inc. abandoned a lift station and re-did all of the sewers. EPA mandated the pipes be burst and filled with concrete. We bursted 6,000 feet of six-inch pipe, leaving behind only the three-inch pipe so that the concrete could be pumped. The job was completed in one month.

Reference Contact: Mike, KE & G Construction | (520) 748-0118

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