The Tucson “No Dig” Sewer Drain Pipe Lining & Rehabilitation Solution

Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is Tucson’s source for pipe lining. We have been pipe relining with Perma-Liner for the past 15 years. We are one of the most experienced plumbing installers of Perma Liner in the county. Because we are one of the most experienced means you will get the job done right, fast and at an affordable price.

If you are starting to see that your pipes have corrosion, they are in imminent danger of failing. Rusted pipes can cause a series of problems for your piping system. It can cause foul odors, leaking of sewage into the groundwater, and wastewater that won’t drain properly.

In the past, the only solution was to remove all of your old pipes from under the house to replace these aged pipes. This was a major inconvenience and left you with a huge mess and hundreds of dollars in the restoration of your yard after the plumber left your home.

However, today you have an easier option—pipe lining and Perma-Liner. Because Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is staffed with the best Tucson plumbers that utilize the most advanced techniques, we can offer you this service.

Due to our proprietary tools and experience, we are one of the most affordable options!

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing for Pipe Lining aka CIPP?

We are one of the oldest pipe lining installers in the country and the oldest in Arizona. We have been lining since 2002 and have almost 800,000 ft of liner installed without any installation failures or warranty calls. Spartan Plumbing guarantees the installation for 50 years and we are backed by Perma-Liner who backs your warranty. We are the most experienced Perma-Liner installers and considered the elite when it comes to liner installations.

We have proprietary tools for this kind of work and are recognized as one of largest leaders. Choose a company that has been doing it for 17 years.

Jobs We Have Completed

  • Caesars Palace in Vegas
  • Stratosphere in Vegas
  • Sunrise Hospital in Vegas
  • Phoenix Memorial
  • Tucson Medical Center
  • City of Tucson – City Hall
  • Spago, Las Vegas – Wolfgang Puc

What is Pipe lining or CIPP?

Pipe lining (aka pipe relining) is an excavation-free method to repair those corroded pipes without destroying your landscaping. It is using a trenchless process and relining broken or leaking pipes that are underground. Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is a process of repairing and restoring existing pipes using liquid resin and textile liner. Another popular option is using an Epoxy Resin like what we use with Perma-Liner. 

Benefits of pipe lining

Because this technology is less invasive than trenching, you’ll receive many benefits from this method of pipe restoration. Here are a few of the perks:

  • Spend Less Money: No renting an expensive excavating truck, paying labor for the excavation operator, or replacing your landscaping.
  • Time Saving: Generally, pipe lining at a home or a small commercial location takes a day rather than disrupting you for days.
  • Better Than cast iron: The material used is stronger than your old cast iron pipes. In fact, it lasts for up to 50 years!
  • Less Mess: You won’t be left with a yard to repair when we are done.
  • Quieter: Skip the noise of the heavy equipment. The quieter installation is less disruptive to your day.

What’s the Pipe Lining Process?

Because pipe lining is a relatively new technology, we are often asked about how the pipe lining process works. Take a quick look.

1 – Video Inspection, First!

Before we begin the process, we do a video inspection. Our technician will review the images sent back to him to determine if the pipes are blocked by grease, sludge, tree roots, or any other obstruction.

2—Water Jets

We use a high-pressure water jet to flush away any blockages. We cannot insert the liner until the area is free of obstructions.

3—A Second Video Inspection

After we flush, the technician will double-check to make sure that all obstructions have been blasted away by the high water pressure. This gives us a “clean slate” to work with.

4—Take Measurements

Once the area is clear of debris and the technician has decided that pipe lining is a feasible option, he will spend some time doing careful calculations to determine the amount of liner and resin needed and set up to install your new liner.

5—Inserting the Liner

The plumber will use special equipment to insert the liner materials into your existing pipes.

6—Put under Air Pressure

The technician will use air pressure to cure the liner into a hardened, permanent solution to rid you of your pipe corrosion problems.

Once the curing process is finished, you are immediately able to use your water system.


At Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we want to give our customers the best experience. Therefore, we use Perma-Liner, an industry leader in pipe lining material. By installing Perma-Liner, we leave your home or business confident that we’ve set you up with pipe lining that will last you for decades with no further issues.

5 Signs You Need Sewer Drain Pipe lining

Not sure if you need sewer drain pipe lining? Here are 5 common symptoms of deteriorating sewer drains:

Sewer backups or blockages

Slow draining toilets are often caused by a backup farther down the line. You don’t see the problem, but it’s lurking below.

Sewage odor

The smell of sewage is abnormal. It means that you’re about to have big problems. Act fast to prevent huge headaches!

Formation of mildew

Mildew needs moisture to thrive. A mildew spot on the wall in the vicinity of a pipe is indicative that there is moisture build up.

Water drains slowly

If your sinks or showers drain slowly, and you’ve attempted to free the line of hair or soap scum, you may have another underlying issue like a tree root disrupting drainage.

Pest Infestations

Mice, rats, and insects can gain access to your home in tiny cracks in the sewer pipes. If you’ve been keeping up with regular exterminating but can’t stop the invasion of pests, look to your sewer pipes as a possible weak point.

Cured In Place Piping, Lining Can Help!

If you have pipe-related plumbing issues, trenchless pipe lining can help! It’s the fastest, most convenient, and the least disruptive way to handle those issues. Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a licensed plumber that has many years experience providing trenchless plumbing services for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

Our technicians pride themselves on being the best Tucson plumbers and will strive to resolve your issue quickly. We will rid you of those embarrassing odors and have your water running freely.

Commercial and Residential Pipe lining

Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has the experience to assist you with both commercial and residential pipelining. Our team will get the job done with minimal disruption of your day. Plus, pipe lining leaves far less mess for you to deal with after the work is done.

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