Tucson New Construction Plumbing Services

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New Construction Repair Services in Tucson, AZ

Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is a leading new construction plumbing contractor for residential and commercial projects. We are your Tucson new construction plumbers licensed to handle a complete range of installation and renovation services for your new home or business.

Water lines

The main water line is one of the most important elements during a new construction project. We will make sure to install the best quality pipe that fits your needs and budget. You can expect reliable service for years to come from your new pipes installed by your Spartan Plumbing technician.

Fixtures and valves

Our technicians will inspect your entire plumbing system while operating each new fixture in the kitchen and bathrooms. This includes checking for flow, pressure, leaks, and the quality of the existing installation. The valve and pipe system must also be in good working order.

Pipe systems

We recommend installing copper or PEX pipes. These are proven to be more reliable in the long run. Proper installation and design of your new pipelines is crucial to the efficiency and proper operation of your overall plumbing system. Our experts can detect any problems that crop up during the process and handle it before the project is completed.

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