Tucson Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Tucson, AZ

Get a professionally upgraded bathroom with your local Tucson bathroom remodeling team. We offer a large selection of combo packages for new bathroom faucets, fixtures, and sinks, as well the most popular and efficient toilet models. Call today to learn more about your options.

What plumbing issues need to be considered during remodeling?

Upgrading your bathroom may require pipe rerouting. Caps may need to be placed on existing pipe outlets, and new pipes will need to be routed through the walls. This is often the case if you plan to move your tub to a new location in the bathroom or if you want to install additional shower heads.

In addition, we will keep local plumbing codes and regulations in mind. Our technicians are up to date on current codes and will make every effort to ensure that our services comply with all safety standards. If we notice any features that are not currently in compliance, we will inform you and make recommendations as needed.

Need to replace your shower or tub?

Is your shower outdated? Is mildew or rust starting to show on your shower head? We provide a selection of new fixtures to help make your showers an experience and give your bathroom a fresh new look. If you need to make your shower more functional, such as installing hand rails for easier mobility, we can tailor your remodeling project to fit your specific needs.

If you have a bathtub and would like to upgrade to a larger unit (or a smaller one), we can help. Some tubs become cracked or chipped over time, requiring replacement. Let us help you find and install the right tub as part of the remodeling process.

If you have been thinking about renovating your bathroom, we want to meet with you. We will go over all of your options and come up with a plan that will fit your needs and budget.

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