Tucson Emergency Plumber

Standing in a basement full of water? Call your Tucson emergency plumbers at (520) 617-1000. On-call 24/7 for your immediate relief.

Emergency Services in Tucson, AZ

Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is your local Tucson emergency plumber, featuring only experienced technicians who can solve your toughest problems. You can always count on a Spartan employee to answer live 24/7. Have an emergency? Call us now.

What can you do before your emergency plumber arrives?

Emergencies such as burst pipes can quickly flood your home and lead to extensive water damage and mold growth. Stop the water from gushing out of the pipes and relieve your home from further water damage by following these quick steps:

  • Shut off water at the main: Stopping the flow of water is the most important step during an emergency. Locate the main water shutoff valve (often near your water meter) and rotate it clockwise to turn off all water throughout your home.
  • Extract standing water: Even clean water sources can produce rot and mold growth when they flood the interior of your home. If flooding has occurred in a lower lying area, make sure your sump pumps are working to prevent greater damage.
  • Sanitize saturated areas: After the pooled water has been addressed, treat the affected areas with disinfectant to prevent mold growth. Neutralizing agents like baking soda and carpet cleaners can help you combat mold and mildew problems.

How can you avoid clogged toilet problems?

Clogged toilets can become emergencies, especially if they start to overflow. What can you do to prevent the same problem from happening again?

  • Schedule timely repairs: If you notice a problem with your toilet, whether it’s a leak or weak flush, contact us for immediate repair. This will help you avoid further problems.
  • Opt for the wastebasket: Be mindful of what gets flushed (especially if you have small children) and use the wastebasket as much as you can instead of flushing items down.
  • Avoid flushing too much at once: Sometimes, it’s the sheer volume of materials getting flushed that creates clogs. Flushing too much toilet paper can lead to clog problems, too.

A quick call to (520) 617-1000 will solve your plumbing emergency in no time. Don’t wait! Call today for immediate relief.