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Looking for a plumber you can depend on? Spartan Plumbing, Inc. arrives on time, ensures quality work, and will not leave until the problem is completely solved. We are your local Vail plumbers dedicated to excellent customer service. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying and read our customer reviews here.

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Is a leak in your sewer line creating foul smells in your home?

Sewer smoke testing could be the solution you are looking for. This service allows us to determine the exact location of leaks, cracks, or breaks in your sewer line by tracing the smoke’s escape. The leaks and damages in your sewer line are often the problems causing foul smells to waft up through your drains.

You don’t have to worry about the smoke harming your home or your family. Our sewer smoke testing service is nontoxic and nonstaining. The smoke is forced into the sewer system and we monitor it to see where it escapes (these are the areas we will need to repair). The smoke test uses a nontoxic water-based smoke that quickly dissipates into the atmosphere in minutes.

Need to repair or replace your existing piping?

Contact us about trenchless sewer line services. The great thing about trenchless methods is you don’t have to worry about extensive damage to your yard. We perform all of the work underground, so there is limited digging and little to no damage to your property.

Weather and stress on the pipes can lead to problems down the road. The change in seasons, especially the shift from winter to spring to summer, creates temperature-related expansion of pipes and stresses the system. Not only does the pipe system expand and contract, but the surrounding soil does the same. If you notice any problems with your pipe system, such as leaking or weakened water flow, contact us for an immediate inspection. We will determine if repiping is necessary, or if a repair is all that is needed.

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Spartan Plumbing, Inc. has been Vail’s go-to plumber for nearly a decade. We know the area and how to keep your home compliant with local codes and safety standards. As one of the area’s premier plumbing companies featuring competitive pricing, we guarantee our customers quality service no matter the problem. You can expect to see us use the latest equipment in sewer line repair and replacement, including the use of fiber-optic cameras that allow us to take a look at your pipes without disrupting your property. This means faster solutions so you can get back to enjoying your normal routine.

Contact us at 520-617-1000 to experience the Spartan Plumbing difference. We promise the most cost-effective solutions and reliable service, guaranteed. 

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