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Water leaks are not always obvious. They can be hidden behind walls or under flooring. In some cases, it can take months for the homeowner to realize they have a problem. The most apparent signs that you have a hidden water leak is if you notice wet spots on your ceiling or floor, or your next water bill suddenly increases.

Spartan Plumbing, Inc. uses a variety of techniques to locate the leak and stop it at the source. We are your local Tucson water leak detection team with the tools and experience to successfully track down any hidden leak. See what your neighbors are saying in our latest customer reviews.

What causes hidden water leaks?

Copper pipes are common in older homes, and they were once considered the top choice. However, some chemicals from drain cleaners can cause copper pipes to easily corrode. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners that can damage your pipe and result in a hidden leak.

Slab leaks are common at the connections in pipes. The original connection may not be fitted tightly. The pipes shift and move slightly as water surges through them, and that can lead to loose fittings and leaks.

Hidden leaks may also be the result of untreated hard water. While you cannot control hard water in your supply, you can take steps to improve its quality once it enters your home. Water softeners can help you avoid this particular problem.

How do we find the leaks?

One of the least invasive ways to detect water leaks is to check the water meter. This meter is placed on external points to determine the water pressure inside the line. It is not as accurate as other methods, but it can help determine which line is defective.

Infrared technology is another method that is used to assess pipes from different angles without opening up the slab or walls. It is also less invasive and more convenient.

In some cases, the slab may need to be opened up in sections to locate the exact point of the leak so we can carry out the proper repair. This is a more invasive procedure, but it may be necessary in certain situations to permanently stop the leak.

How can you prevent this problem?

Keep leaks from developing by reducing stress on your pipes.

Consider installing a pressure regulator for your main water supply. This helps keep your fixtures from wearing down and reduces movement in lines, preserve their connection.

If you have hard water, we recommend installing a water softener to avoid corrosion and pipe damage from the harsh minerals typically found in untreated hard water.

Chemical drain cleaners can speed up pipe deterioration as well. Instead of using chemicals to get rid of clogs, we recommend snaking or using an auger to get to easy-to-reach blockages.

What kind of damage can hidden leaks create?

A leaking water line is certain to drive up your water bill, but the problems don’t end there. It can cause substantial damage to your home’s foundation as well. As the water starts to pool, it contributes to mold or mildew growth. It can rot out the wood framing of your home. Allowed to run below the foundation, it can erode the support for your home. Eventually, you may see signs of your slab cracking.

If you suspect a water leak in your home, call for immediate plumbing service. Addressing the problem in a timely manner will help minimize damage and prevent further issues.

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