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Have you been told you need to replace your pipes because they are severely clogged? Repiping is a costly process that takes time. The good news is, you can solve excessive sewer and drain clogs with our hydro jetting service.

When drain snakes aren’t enough, you need something that goes a step further: hydro jetting. Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is your local Tucson hydro jetting team. We have the right equipment to thoroughly clean out the toughest clogs in your drain and sewer line. See how we’ve helped some of your neighbors–take a look at our latest customer reviews here.

How does hydro jetting work?

With this process, a hose is inserted into the drain; this hose is connected to a pump that runs off a gas motor. The pump then sprays water through the pipes at around 7,000 PSI, which is an incredible amount of pressure. The water is also very hot as it comes out of the tank. This allows us to completely clear out everything that is clogging your pipes. You are guaranteed drains that work like new going forward!

What are the benefits?

Enjoy the long-term benefits of hydro jetting and rest easy knowing only water was used–so your pipes stay safe.

Hydro jetting does not use chemical agents, turning instead to the raw power of water at high pressures. You will not need to worry about the impact of harsh chemicals on your pipes. Your sewer line and drains will last longer without succumbing to premature deterioration or corrosion.

With hydro jetting, the water reaches much farther than any snake cleaner can, so the pipes get a thorough clean. Other drain cleaning methods focus on localized areas to remove blockages, but if you have a bed of debris running along your pipe walls, hydro jetting can eliminate them much more easily. This means your pipes stay clog-free for longer.

When do you need this service?

Hydro jetting is typically used in two scenarios.

It is the ideal solution for severe clogs that cannot be cleared using regular drain cleaning methods. If you have tried chemical cleaners on your own or hired someone to use a professional snake, yet the problem persists, hydro jetting may be the solution you’re looking for.

Hydro jetting can also be used as a preventative maintenance technique. Having this service performed regularly gives clogs little time to develop.

What problems does it solve?

Hydro jetting can clear away scum building up on pipe walls. The blast of hot water tears through this build-up, loosening it from the walls and washing it away.


This powerful process can also fight through any type of clog. Whether your drains are blocked from material building up over the years, or whether tree roots have grown their way into your sewer line, hydro jetting is a surefire way to clear up these plumbing problems.

To get rid of the toughest clogs, count on our hydro jetting services. Call today at 520-617-1000 to set up an immediate appointment.

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