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Why Use Natural Gas in My Home?

A lot of people only consider natural gas for heating their home, especially during the cold months when energy consumption is usually high. The truth is that there are numerous uses for natural gas – all year round – that will allow households to realize significant savings on power costs. Because the commodity is generally cheaper than electricity, it is a cost-effective alternative for a households’ energy requirements.


The US Energy Information Administration reports that over 66 million households use natural gas for their daily energy needs.

Following are 5 of the ways that these residents use natural gas in powering their home.

Cooking with Natural Gas

Many avid cooks prefer natural gas-powered ovens over electric models. This is because natural gas units offer better temperature control that allows for precise cooking.

But, accuracy is not only the factor that makes natural gas stovetops the better option. They also consume considerably less energy compared to electric ovens.

This is because natural gas heats and cools faster. Plus, newer models that eliminate the ever-burning pilots also consume around 40% less natural gas.

Heating Water

Natural gas-using households usually have a water heater. A lot of people prefer natural gas water heaters because they are more economical. For one, the price of natural gas is much more affordable than electricity.

Thus, using natural gas for your energy-consuming devices will result in energy bill savings. Natural gas-powered water heaters have a capacity of 20 to 100 gallons, which is sufficient for most households.

In addition, natural gas heats water more quickly than electricity. This may allow you to install a unit with a smaller capacity.

Cooling Your Home

While natural gas is commonly used for heating homes, natural gas can also power your AC unit. The system may initially be more expensive, preventing a lot of households from shifting to using natural gas-powered air conditioners.

However, with the massive supply of natural gas and its much lower price, gas AC units are now gaining in popularity at a steady pace.

These air conditioning units typically run at a much lower cost compared to electric-powered ACs. They will ultimately pay for themselves with the energy savings you will enjoy.

Using natural gas cooling systems would likewise lower your reliance on the grid. In case of a power outage, you can still enjoy the convenience of a cool home.

Lighting a Fire

If you want to warm up with a nice fire, without the high cost, you don’t need to gather firewood, deal with sparks, or clean out the ashes later. Instead, you can use a natural gas fireplace that is efficient and comes with none of the hassle that comes with a wood-burning furnace.

You can simply switch off the fire if you need to leave and re-light the fire when you come back. Just turn the switch on, and you can enjoy the warmth right away.

If renovating your existing fireplace to make room for a natural gas model isn’t an option, you could choose instead to buy a gas insert. You can put it in an old-style fireplace to improve efficiency while optimizing the benefits you get from using natural gas.

Drying Your Clothes

Clothes dryers powered by natural gas can save you as much as 50% in energy consumption. The units are efficient enough to allow you to finish two laundry loads for the cost of a single laundry load in an electric model. You can also finish doing your laundry faster.

Natural gas-powered dryers use a larger amount of absorbent, dry air that goes through your clothes, drying them at a much faster pace. You also have automatic shut-off and lifetime burner options, making a natural gas dryer the perfect option if you have a busy household.

There are many uses of natural gas in your home, aside from heating. If you need one installed in your home, or if you have other plumbing concerns, call Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today.