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Mishap Causes White Wine to Flow through Residential Plumbing | Catalina Plumbing

Recently sources at the Catalina plumbing company, Spartan Plumbing Incorporated, confirmed the bizarre story involving a plumbing mishap in the small Italian town of Marino.

Apparently every year at the same time the little town of Marino, which is known as a highly respected wine making region, holds a white wine festival to celebrate the town and their wine making accomplishments. As is tradition every year and to help revel in their towns own wine making prowess the townsfolks will cut off the water flow at the public fountain in the town square and replace it with white wine!

Although the white wine fountain celebration has proven to be quite impressive and successful in years past, this year the celebration turned out to be a complete disaster. The white wine that was intended to flow through the piping connected to the fountain at the town square somehow ended up flowing through nearby residential pipelines.

Some of course believed it to be some sort of a miracle when they turned on their faucet expecting water and wine comes rushing out.  However as the Mayor of Marino pointed out this plumbing mishap was anything but a miracle.

Moreover Mayor Palozzi of Marino had the following to comment on the incident; ‘Everyone thought it was a miracle. It was a surprise and completely unexpected – workmen are fixing the problem which obviously came about through a technical error. Many houses have been affected. People were calling it a miracle, but it wasn’t, it was a mistake.”

An important lesson to take away from the mistakes of the town of Marino is to always ensure the plumbing technician you hire is legitimately qualified to properly perform the necessary plumbing task. If you are in need of a Catalina plumbing expert or a plumbing professional in the Tucson or Southwest Arizona region contact the licensed, bonded, and insured professionals at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!