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When Should You Consider Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

When you should consider sewer line repair or replacement really depends on the current state of your sewer pipe line. Repairs and replacements could be needed for a lot of reasons, so here are ways to know if you need to call in the professionals.


Are your sinks draining slowly?

It’s perfectly understandable to panic when slow drains occur, because slow drains are signs that your pipes are getting blocked by something. If it’s a single drain that’s draining slowly, you can probably solve it by using your favorite unclogging method (or several of them). You’re definitely facing a bigger sewer line issue when slow drains occur throughout the house, though.

Is your toilet backing up?

Have you noticed your toilet backing up when you flush? The toilet is something you use every day, and it’s usually the first to tell you there’s a problem. If all your unclogging techniques are falling flat, there’s a good chance a sewage blockage is the culprit. Your sink and bathtub may follow suit and, once they do, you’ll know for sure you have a sewer line problem that needs your attention.

Are you noticing mold or foul odors?

Mold can’t grow in a dry environment, so mold growth can be a telltale sign of sewer line issues that increase an area’s humidity levels. However, an amazing ventilation system could hide this problem. Just because your eyes don’t see it, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

If your nose tells you something’s wrong, on the other hand, you best believe it. A good sewer line should be airtight, and if you’re starting to smell something, a blockage, a crack, a burst or another sewage problem won’t be too far behind.

Are you hearing strange sounds?

Water and sewage should flow smoothly in your sewer lines, so gurgling sounds could mean there’s a problem. Your drain will gurgle for two reasons: the pipe doesn’t have the proper vents, or the pipe has a blockage. If you’re hearing the gurgling noise from pipes throughout the house, it could be a sign of blockage in the main sewer line.

Is your lawn turning unnaturally lush and green?

This sounds weird because lawns usually don’t have anything to do with your sewer lines, and vice versa. But, if you’re noticing a patch or an area that looks unnaturally lusher than the rest of your lawn, it may be because the soil beneath the area is getting fertilizer from a crack in your sewage line.

You should also be careful about large trees near your sewer lines. Large trees often have even larger root systems, and years and years of growing roots can puncture your sewer lines.

Is the sewer line near the end of its lifespan?

Residential sewer lines can last for a hundred years at most. Commercial lines can last half as long. If your home or your building has used the same sewer line for as long as the average life span of the sewer lines, it could be time to consider replacement.

Calling the pros for help

A clean and properly working plumbing system can be used for decades without problems, and keeping it that way should be high on the list of any homeowner’s priorities. Many factors can prompt for untimely replacements and repairs of sewer lines. When you should consider sewer line repair or replacement depends on how it’s been maintained throughout the years, though emergencies can happen. Whether or not you’ve decided your sewer line needs repair or replacement, pick up the phone, call Spartan Plumbing, and they’ll let you know for sure.