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What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

All plumbing fixtures, pipes, and drains in a house are connected to the main sewer line. This is the largest and most vital component to plumbing in the entire house. Then there is also the line where wastewater from the house travels to the sewer in the street.

Just like everything else, this sewer line will eventually deteriorate due to normal wear and tear and other outside factors. Damages to the sewer line can result in leaks and flooding. In order to avoid major repair and replacement, it’s best to identify and understand the causes of sewer line damages and the red flags to watch out for.


If you are a resident of Tucson and suspect there is any problem with your sewer line, you may contact the professional plumbing technicians of Spartan Plumbing, Inc. at 520-617-1000.

Typical Causes of Damage Lines

1. Grease

Grease and other oily products are some of the major perpetrators when it comes to clogging sewer lines. These items should not be poured down the drain because, even though they dissolve in high temperatures, they harden and solidify in cool temperatures.

Running hot water after pouring the grease into the sink is not effective in completely washing it away.  For this reason, grease can quickly accumulate in sewer pipes and eventually cause blockages. In order to avoid this problem, the grease must always be put into a covered container and disposed of in the trash once it solidifies.

2. Tree Roots

Another common cause of sewer line problems is the infiltration of tree roots. In times of drought, the roots search for water by spreading throughout the ground. In their search, they often break into sewer lines. This causes sewer line damage and backups. Generally, it is not advised to plant trees near water pipes in the first place to be able to prevent costly plumbing problems, though, if you buy a home with trees already in the yard, it may not be up to you.

When this cannot be avoided, it is best to seek help from professional plumbing companies such as Spartan Plumbing. They utilize equipment that can eliminate some of the roots, but a substantial amount will likely remain. Just like pruning a hedge, this technique may actually promote more growth.

Many times, the roots could be sprayed with a herbicide that kills existing roots and suppresses future growth for around three to five years.  In severe cases of root infiltration, repair or replacement of the sewer line system may be required. However, remaining roots will still cultivate and apply pressure at the joint or crack and may result in sewer line breakdown.

3. Rust

Rust begins to appear in sewer lines as a result of constant contact with water after some time. This is not good at all. Rust can hamper the drainage of water through the pipes. It can also feed on the exterior of the pipe, which results in crack and leaks. To avoid the development of rust in sewer lines, house owners should hire an experienced plumber to conduct a sewer line system inspection once a year.

Do you smell an unusual odor in your house? Do you suspect any damage in your sewer line? It is highly recommended that you seek out the help of a professional plumbing team to ensure quality and lasting repairs for any problems that are found.

Spartan Plumbing in Tucson can help repair any sewer line damage quickly and efficiently, whether it’s caused by grease deposits, rust, or tree root infiltration.

They are a family-owned plumbing team, with almost three decades of experience in the industry. To find out more about their plumbing services, you may check out their website or contact them at 520-617-1000.