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Ways in Which to Handle a Clogged Drain


The Risks Of Using A Chemical Drain Cleaner

When people have a slow running or clogged drain in their home, they know it’s a situation that must be handled.

One of the first things some people do is run to a store and purchase a chemical drain cleaner.

Each of these drain cleaners will claim to be very powerful and extremely safe. It is possible for a person to be doing more harm to their home than they realize when using one. Many people don’t realize it’s important to know the cause of the clog to effectively eliminate it.

Pipe Damage

Chemical drain cleaners found in most stores are caustic based. It is very possible that the acids and other acidic contents in the drain cleaner will erode the pipes as it sits in a drain. This is very common in places that have older pipes and are more vulnerable to this type of erosion.

It doesn’t even matter if the pipes are made of copper. Liquid drain cleaner is able to damage any pipe material. It’s just a matter of time. These acids will also damage any soft components or rubber utilized within the pipe system.


There are certain chemical drain cleaners that produce dangerous fumes. They can be harmful to inhale if not used in a well-ventilated area. They are usually very dangerous to a person’s skin. It is often recommended that users wear gloves and take precautions.

There has been research done that shows some chemical drain cleaners can sting and irritate a person’s nose and eyes. These toxic fumes often stay in an area for a long time after the chemical drain cleaner is used.

Temporary Solution

A chemical drain cleaner may only provide the user with a temporary solution to their problem. There are a number of reasons a drain could become clogged. It could be the result of a sewer line that has backed up.

There could be a pipe that has broken. It’s even possible that something that cannot be dissolved is stuck inside a pipe and more. A chemical drain cleaner will not be much help in any of these situations.


Professional Help

There are a number of advantages to hiring a plumbing professional. They have the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to properly diagnose and remove a clog without harming the pipes.

In some cases, they could use cameras as well as utilize procedures that will clean and even improve the condition of the pipes.

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