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Frozen Pipes

installaWinter is here to stay, and apart from the chilly winds and snow, you also have to worry about your plumbing systems. Plumbing systems that aren’t maintained properly throughout the year would have many issues in the freezing winter months.

Your plumbing system would freeze and most work in your household would stop. As a professional plumbing company, we advise you not to attempt any DIY tricks on your plumbing system. Just give us a call and we will sort it out for you. These are some things you should know about frozen plumbing systems –

  •  Why Does a Plumbing System Freeze? – In the cold and harsh months of winter, some pipes can freeze because of their location. This includes pipes on the exterior walls and unheated regions of the house. They can also burst. The reason is the frozen water inside the pipes. This water expands and the pressure inside the entire pipe increases, causing them to burst. Your basement has exposed pipes too but you’ll notice that they don’t cause problems. This is because the basement is heated. Plumbing systems freeze around the unheated and uninsulated areas of the house.
  • How Can I Prevent This? – We offer maintenance services for your plumbing systems and you can greatly benefit from these services. First of all, we will insulate all your exposed pipes so that they are not affected by the cold. For dry and enclosed spaces, we can install heat reflectors and heater tapes on the pipes. In case of cold basements and crawl spaces too, heat lamps can be immensely helpful in keeping the drain lines unfrozen. We will also thaw your frozen pipes in case they get frozen. Other prevention measures include checking for leaks, especially in drain pipes in exposed areas.
  • installationWhy Is It Important To Keep This From Happening? – The biggest issue is the bursting of pipes. If your pipe gets frozen, it will eventually burst from pressure and that could cause accidents. It would also disrupt your plumbing system in the winter. You will have to spend a lot of money for replacing the burst pipes.

Call us now if you want to start the seasonal preparation for preventing frozen and burst pipes in winter. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our services.

We only use quality tools and parts for repairs and replacement, and our professionals are trained, licensed and qualified.

Are your pipes possibly frozen in your Tucson home? Give Spartan Plumbing a Call at 520-617-1000, in order to figure out why your water isn’t working properly.