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10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom


Want to make your bathroom beautiful but don’t have the $40,000 plus price tag that the average bathroom renovation costs?

Here are 10 ways to make your bathroom more beautiful without breaking the bank.

1. Modern wallpaper is a great way to add texture, colors, and patterns to your bathroom walls and is making a strong comeback. Today’s stylish wallpapers aren’t your grandma’s wallpaper from yesteryears.

2. Make the shower curtain the focal point of your bath. A shower curtain can make a dramatic impact in any bathroom and is considered the equivalent of a stylish piece of furniture.

3. Incorporate luxury by using period pieces. Some baths can actually make you feel like you’re from another era. Make your bathroom the most special room in the house.

4. Add a splash of bold color. Paint the walls with a contemporary bold color choice and then add in sophisticated signature pieces in order to enhance the color on the wall.

5. Add a great decorative one-of-a-kind mirror on the wall. Most baths have plain, standard looking mirrors. Why not get one that sets the tone for the entire room?

6. If your budget and schedule can handle it, completely renovate your bath into a modern-day dream spa. A total bathroom renovation will be expensive, but you won’t be thinking about that while you’re sipping champagne in your whirlpool tub after a long day at work.

7. If you don’t want to repaint, use colorful accent pieces to add pops of color. While most bathrooms are shocking white, a little color will add warmth, personality, and interest.


8. Take your design cues from other trendy rooms in your home. Curtains or special window treatments in the bath are a nice touch. Most people will only hang stylish curtains in other rooms such as the living room or a bedroom, but they can work in a bathroom as well. Keep in mind that if something works great in another room, chances are it could make a unique statement in the bath as well.

9. Add beautiful artwork or charming spa-like knick knacks. Going for a beach themed bath? Create the mood by using shells, beach-inspired artwork, and clear glass vases filled with rocks from the beach. All these elements combined create a certain atmosphere.

10. Show off your favorite art piece or sculpture by placing it in the bath. After all, your guests will see it since they’ll probably need to use your bathroom at some point.

These ideas will take your bathroom from plain and boring to chic and stylish.

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