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Top Tips to Stay Warm and Toasty This Winter Season

You do not want to wait until the winter season when it’s already freezing cold outside to have your heating system checked. It would be inconvenient and uncomfortable to go more than a few hours without heat. It would also be expensive to have repairs done in the winter.


Spending some time getting your heating system ready before winter comes will prevent you from finding yourself in this predicament. Follow these tips so you and your family can stay warm and toasty inside your home as snow covers everything else outside:

  1. Have your heating system checked by the pros. Do this around October or November to give you ample time in case repairs and replacements are required. Call a professional to do an inspection on your heating system and assess your HVAC system’s condition.

Spartan Plumbing service technicians are trained and experienced to give the best recommendations so you are not left out in the cold, figuratively and literally. They can work on your plumbing requirements as well.

  1. Winterize your home with insulation and caulking. Even if your heating system is running properly, the temperature inside your home might not stay cozy. In most cases, this is because there are cracks and slats in your windows, doorways, and walls. Cold air passes through these gaps and makes their way to your indoor spaces.

Seal off these spaces using insulation, caulking, weather-strip, and other similar materials. Insulate your heater too so it is not overburdened as it tries to warm up your home.

  1. Protect your plumbing. A big disaster can result from neglecting your plumbing. Your pipes could burst and leave you with a damp and musty space throughout the winter. Any expert would agree that this could result in mold infestation and physical damage.

It would not be wise to inspect your plumbing yourself. Although there are telltale signs that can serve as flags for pipe damage, it is difficult for a non-professional to tell what kind of plumbing problems need to be addressed. A Spartan Plumbing service professional is the best person to do the job for you.

  1. Avoid using gas. There are a lot of old houses still standing in Tucson and in the surrounding areas. You might still be using old heating systems that utilize gas or oil. You could even have gas appliances that are still running after all these years. While you should be happy they were able to last all these years, you have to realize they could be dangerous to your health.

Perhaps you can upgrade your old boiler and have a new HVAC installed. If you insist on keeping your gas appliances, make sure they have no leaks. You might want to consider having carbon monoxide detectors installed as well.

  1. Make wise use of your fireplace. You might get desperate and just turn on your gas cooking stove to crank up the heat. You’ve seen this done in the movies so many times. That’s not the wisest thing to do at all. That’s a sure way to put your family’s safety on the line.

Using a fireplace is a good solution. If you are already running one, there are several things that could make it less effective at generating heat. Leaving the damper open when you are not using your fireplace, for instance, could affect how the fireplace produces heat. Something as simple as having a door open would also tend to lower the room’s temperature, even if you have a fire burning.


Expert Services That Don’t Drain Your Wallet

It would be a big challenge for you to make sure your home stays warm this winter by yourself. You need expert help. Otherwise, you risk having your heating system break down on you. You would also be saddled with additional expenses trying to fix what you broke.

Call Spartan Plumbing for reliable and trustworthy service professionals to help make your home warm and toasty this winter. If you need new heating systems, they can also recommend and install a newer, more energy efficient HVAC model.