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Top Reasons for Buying a Smart Faucet

Faucets have evolved in the past century. In the 1800s, it was common for homes to be equipped with faucets you could only control using screw valves. Then, in the late 1900s, automatic faucets were invented. Now, the once simple, screw-down taps and touchless faucets have become smart.


Though smart faucets are commonly found in commercial buildings, they’re slowly making their way into homes. The smart faucet is a new plumbing technology that allows you to control faucets using motion sensor and digital controls, and it comes in three types.

Three Types of Smart Faucets

1. Hands-free or touchless faucet

As you’d expect given their name, these faucets can be turned on and off using motion sensors. These sensors use IR (infrared) technology to activate water flow and thermoregulation.

2. Digital faucets

These faucets have digital displays and can be controlled using a digital or computerized control panel. Digital faucets can also come as add-ons—attached to existing faucets, so you don’t need to replace them.

3. Combo faucets

These faucets have the features of both hands-free and digital faucets. Combo faucets can give you better benefits, but they are much more expensive.


Why Switch to Smart Faucets?


If you switch to smart faucets, you can enjoy many benefits and even improve your home. Based on what we’ve seen here at Spartan Plumbing, these are the top reasons why people eventually choose to upgrade:


1. Easier and safer water temperature adjustment.

Smart faucets adjust water temperature to your desired setting. You no longer need to risk burning your hand while manually checking if the temperature is just right. Also, you save more time because you no longer need to spend minutes mixing the right amount of hot and cold water.


2. Cleaner hands and sinks.

When you use hands-free faucets, you reduce the risk of contaminating faucet handles with your dirty hands. Thus, you will also avoid passing those germs to the next user, who might be your kids. You also won’t have to constantly clean the faucet because you won’t be transferring the grime from your hands.


3. More savings on water and on your water bill.

You can save more water with smart faucets because they automatically turn off when not used. In this sense, hands-free and combo faucets are more efficient than digital faucets. This also means you can avoid spikes in your water bill. You no longer have to worry about someone forgetting to turn off the tap.


4. Convenient for children’s use.

Small children are not yet aware of water consumption and germ control. If you don’t like them to waste water or get dirt on the taps, hands-free faucets are the best answer. They won’t waste water, even if they find it hard to turn the tap on and off as they lather soap on their hands. They also won’t get dirt and grime onto the faucet handles when they come in to wash after playing outdoors.


5. No more leaky handles and knobs.

Aside from collecting dirt and grime, tap handles are also good at being loose and leaky from time to time. With smart faucets, you no longer have to deal with the occasional need to tighten valves or replace worn-out faucet parts. Smart faucets have clean, sleek designs that don’t require the use of screw knobs and handles.


A Better Washing Experience

When you switch to smart faucets, you can upgrade to a better washing experience and promote better washing habits. Some might think smart faucets are a luxury, but the benefits they give prove they’re a new necessity for a greener living.