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Pipes at home burst occasionally. The ruptures can result from poor maintenance, water properties or poor craftsmanship. If left undetected, the bursts may wreak havoc in your home. They may lead to degradation of the foundation of your Tucson home, rotting wood structures and increased water bills.

Costs of repairing the damage caused can be significant. All these after effects combined can make one suffer significant losses. To prevent this from happening, one can take the following precautions:



It is essential to contact a qualified plumber to check the piping system regularly to avoid bursts and leaks. The water pressure should be analyzed to ensure that pressure is at an optimum level.

High water pressure corrodes the inside of the pipes and creates stress that rupture the drains at their weak points mainly at the middle part or joints. The water and sewerage system should be checked for loose fittings and presence of rips to avoid subsequent leaks and bursts.


PH levels of water can influence the occurrence of bursts. High or low PH levels have corrosive effects on the inside of the pipes, mainly on metal pipes. The corrosion leads to pinhole leaks. If the corrosion prolongs for an extensive period, the drains get degraded drastically, and bursts spring up. These bursts that happen from high water pressure and corrosion are usually emergency situations. We provide 24 hour emergency plumbing services, call Spartan today!

The abnormal PH levels result in the use of commercial drain cleaners that unblock pipes or prevent clogs from forming. To get expert advice, ask an experienced plumber on how to use the clarifiers and to run a diagnosis on your water PH levels.

Bursts that will occur in the future sometimes result from poor plumbing techniques. Some of the poor techniques include rookie pipe fitting, poor choice of plumbing materials and bad piping system design. These factors combine to heighten the chance of your water supply system collapsing easily and being ineffective.

Consequently, causing frequent bursts when the system is under pressure or stressed. Therefore, during the installation of your water and sewerage system, ensure that an experienced and qualified plumber does the plumbing.

These precautionary measures help to ensure that your Tucson piping network is robust and functioning properly.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 for repairs in your Tucson, AZ home.