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Tired Of Spending Too Much On Your Water Bill?

What Causes High Water Bills?


Changes in water use is one way water bills may be higher than normal. However, a water bill which is higher than normal may indicate another problem. This can include a plumbing leak or the overuse of a specific appliance, such as a dishwasher or clothes washer. Taking longer showers is another way more water is being consumed. Whatever the problem is, contacting professional plumbing services is always the best alternative if you are looking to lower your water expense.

The Water Bill is Unusually High

A water bill that is higher than the previous month can occur for multiple reasons. The main thing with any water bill is to check the previous month’s bill to verify the amount that was used. One thing about high water bills is the time of year. If you live in a city where water and sewer are combined, then your lawn watering in the summer might be the reason for high water bills. However, there are other reasons a water bill may be unusually high.

Appliances that are not working correctly can also cause high water bills. Water softeners might have a problem can not regenerate correctly. If the water softener is stuck in a regeneration cycle will be a cause of high water use in a home.

What Consumes the Most Water in My Home?


Plumbing fixtures in a home are often the biggest source of water use. The most common fixture using the most water will typically be the toilet. Older toilets may use up to four or more gallons of water per flush. Another reason toilets use the most water in a home is because of a leak. A leaking toilet can use up to 200 gallons of water or more each day. Multiply this by 30 days in a month and homeowners will be shocked by the amount of water that was consumed.

Faucet leaks will also be a cause of increased water use and higher than normal water bills. Leaks from faucets can include fixtures for a sink, a bathtub, and shower. If leaks are not addressed, then there will be a significant volume of water that is wasted.

What Should I Do?

Diagnosing water leaks can be difficult when there are no obvious signs. Old or failing equipment may need to be repaired or completely replaced. Fixing a faulty flapper on an older toilet may address a leak, but it will not solve excessive water use. A professional plumber may need to install a new toilet that is more water-efficient.

Are you spending far too much on your water bill? Take action and call Spartan Plumbing today at 520-617-1000. Your Tucson home will thank you.