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Worried About an Expensive Water Bill? Try These Tips to Save Money and Water

Water is a necessity for all living things. We need it for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, among other things. But it can take up much of your monthly budget if you don’t use it well. Expensive water bills can become a huge problem for households. It’s important to use good water habits to avoid a large utility bill. Also, saving water can help the environment.

If you’re surprised with your increasing water bill, try these simple tips to save water and money.

Use water-saving appliances and devices


If you think that your dishwasher uses more water than handwashing, you’re probably wrong. Handwashing dishes often use more water than a dishwasher. Also, be sure not to turn on the dishwasher until it’s completely loaded, as this will be the most efficient or the dishwasher and your water.

Many people open the faucet to its maximum pressure even when not needed. So, to save water through your faucets, consider replacing them with newer faucet models that use lower water pressure. If you can’t replace them, you can always use an aerator. Using old model toilets also adds up on your water bill. Replacing them with newer, low-flow models can decrease your bill.

Reduce drinking directly from the tap


Storing water in the refrigerator to chill is often the most efficient way to get cold water. People who drink from the tap tend to let the water flow until it becomes cool. All that wasted water can accumulate on your water bill. Keep water in reusable bottles and place them in your fridge. This will give you ready-to-drink cold water without opening the tap too often.

Heat water over the stove or in the microwave

You can get warm or hot water fast if you heat it over the stove or use the microwave. Letting your water run through the faucet while waiting for it to heat up can be a big waste. This will also end up increasing your water bill.

Take a shower instead of a bath

It takes about 35 gallons of water to fill a regular bathtub. This can be a big point of water loss if you take a bath every day. If you’re taking a bath daily, you may already know how much it adds to your monthly water bill. You may save up to 23 gallons of water whenever you skip the bath and take a shower instead.

Change your showerhead

There are new, low-flow options for showerheads available. These use less water compared to older models. Switching to a low-flow showerhead can reduce your bill by up to 60%.

Check for any leaks or damages to your water system


The biggest contributor to water waste is damage to your water system. A small leak in the pipes can cost you hundreds of dollars. Also, ignoring any damage is likely to become a big problem sooner or later.

First, check the faucets for leaks. It can be surprising to find out how much you save when you replace that leaky faucet in your bathroom. Also, check for leaks under the sinks. Sometimes, pipes become corroded or damaged in other ways, but it isn’t noticeable until you really look. This damage can become larger when ignored.

If you’re already doing everything you can to save water, then you should be safe from a ridiculously high utility bill. However, if your water bill continues to increase despite your efforts, you may need to call an expert. In some cases, hidden pipes might be the culprit. It can be difficult to find the problem or do repairs because they’re hidden behind walls or under the floor.

That’s why you should call a professional plumber to check water system leaks in your home. A licensed plumber from a company like Spartan Plumbing has the experience and the right equipment. They can find the problem in your water system immediately and provide a variety of options to fix the problem.