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Tips For Preventing a Clog at Your Next Party

When hosting a party at home, one of the worst things you can experience is a clogged drain. You’ll be handling tons of food and your plumbing might suffer for it. Disposing food scraps and washing dishes can easily lead to clogged drains.

The influx of people in your house can also strain your bathroom plumbing. The last thing you’d want is for a toilet to clog when a guest tries to flush it. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Follow these simple tips on how to prevent a clog at your next party.


Dispose of food wastes properly

Don’t force food scraps into your drain. Even the tiniest peels or grain of rice can accumulate over time. These scraps can build up and clog your drains, which would require you to get your drains cleaned. Food scraps from cooking or after eating should go straight to your trash cans.

Another way to prevent clogged drains is by installing a garbage disposal. But, a garbage disposal has a limit, so don’t throw everything in your unit. Throw as many scraps as you can in the trash, especially large ones. You should only rely on your garbage disposal for tiny scraps from washing dishes.

Grease is also another culprit in clogging drains. When hot, grease runs right down the drain. Once it cools, however, it’ll stick to the pipes. When food scraps go into the drain, they’ll get stuck because of the grease. This can lead to badly clogged pipes after a while. Try to keep the grease in a container. Once it’s full, you can throw this in the trash.

Flush drains before the event

Low-flow faucets and toilets can help you save on utility bills. However, they’re not that great with clearing out your drains. The low water pressure and volume aren’t enough to wash away all the debris in your pipes.

Before your party, flush out all your drains. First, take a 5-gallon container and fill it with water. Then, pour everything into your toilet while flushing simultaneously. After that, you want to fill your sinks and bathtubs with hot water. Doing this will help clean the main drain pipes.

Put signs and a trash bin in your bathroom

Some people have a bad habit of using toilets as a trash bin. Tissue paper and dental floss are some of the common garbage people flush down their toilets. Unfortunately, these people sometimes forget that they’re in a different home. You wouldn’t want them to clog your toilets with excess tissue paper and other garbage.

Try to put up a friendly sign reminding your guests not to throw garbage in the toilet. Putting a trash bin just under the sign would help them know where to put their trash. You can skip doing this if you only have close family and friends. But this is a good tip to follow, especially if you’re having a big party with a lot of not-so-close acquaintances.

Get your pipes checked beforehand

If you notice any problems with your drains, you should call a professional to check them immediately. Some of the signs that you have a clogged drain are:

  • Foul smell from drains
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Slow-draining water

These are three sure signs of a clogged drain. Some homeowners try to fix these on their own. But, what if the problem is in the main drain line?

Only a professional, licensed plumber can find the root cause of the problem. Call a reliable plumbing service company like Spartan Plumbing. 

You also don’t need to wait for a problem to arise. It’s best to call a professional regularly to check the health of your drains. In this way, you can easily fix small problems or damages before they become worse.