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Spring Plumbing Tips: Top Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing This Spring


Homeowners must prepare their home’s plumbing for spring and summer before the warm weather has adverse effects on the house.

Everyone’s home is beset with certain problems that build up during the winter, and the steps in this article explain five things you can clean to make your life a little bit easier.

Consider how a spring cleaning of your home will keep your plumbing in top condition.

Clear All Your Drains

The drains in the house hold onto dirt and debris in the summer because of the cold temperatures. Dirt and debris comes together in a gummy substance underneath each drain, and this debris often smells terrible.

You will pick up on the smell when it gets warmer outside, and the debris will start to flush into the plumbing system. Clogs occur when too much of this debris makes it way into the system, and leaks could occur because of these clogs.

Clean Out Your Shower-heads And Faucets

Your shower-heads and faucets have filters that clog up during the winter. There is a large amount of dirt trapped behind these filters, and your water comes out less clean than it should be.

You can remove these filters to clean off the dirt, or you can replace these filters outright. Your shower-heads clog easily because of the small tubules that spray the water, and your water is not producing clean water to drink if you have a dirty filter.

Service Your Toilets And Appliances

Your toilets and appliances have water hoses that feed them all year. These water hoses take in water that may have debris floating in it. The debris builds up in these hoses, and the hoses must be cleaned.


Cleaning these hoses quickly changes the way that your toilets and appliances function. Cleaning the hoses helps remove dirt and debris, and you can prevent damage to these appliances.

Every homeowner that cleans up their plumbing before spring will have cleaner water coming through each spigot in the house.

Your home’s plumbing system sees dramatic changes in flow during the spring, and a spring cleaning helps the system cope with the warmer temperatures.

Spring is upon us, which means time to start your cleaning list for your Tucson home. Give Spartan Plumbing a Call at 520-617-1000, and get assistance on your Spring list!