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Things To Consider For A Bathroom Remodel

When the time comes to remodel your bathroom the first consider is what the time, cost, and effort will be for the project.  However according to the Tucson bathroom remodeling experts at Spartan what one should also consider is how they can make their new bathroom eco- friendly as well. In fact most eco-friendly bathroom innovations will not only make your bathroom greener but it will end up saving homeowners money!

Most importantly all lead plumbing should be replaced with leadless piping.  Also many traditional paints, grout, adhesives, caulk and sealers contain volatile organic compounds that can affect indoor air quality and pose serious health risks. Therefore it is important to opt for low-VOC or no-VOC materials when remodeling.

Installing a bathroom fan is also very important not just for airflow but also to keep the bathroom dry and clear of mold and bacteria that can breed in damp areas.  When picking out a bathroom ventilation fan consider getting an exhaust unit with a timer switch, a motion sensor, or a humidity sensor.

Typically bathrooms account for almost half of all water used in a household so it is important to consider low flow showers and faucets when remodeling. Also low flush toilets and high efficiency heaters offer great water saving features.

When considering new lighting for your bathroom remodel one should take advantage of low wattage systems and natural lighting from skylights and windows.

Lastly one should always install water-resistant surfaces such as ceramic or recycled-glass tiles to avoid mold build up that would occur with wallpaper or carpeting.

For more Tucson Bathroom Remodeling advice contact Spartan Plumbing, a local professional. If located in the Phoenix or Tucson areas contact the bathroom modeling experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!