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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient this Spring


Spring – The Best Time to Review Home Energy Efficiency

Spring fever may be the catalyst to consider home efficiency issues and put a different perspective on energy in the home.

After a long, seemingly endless winter, spring is a good time to consider energy costs and make changes where necessary.

If homeowners find their heating costs have increased over the past year, this may be due to heat loss through doors and windows or a heating unit that has begun to decrease efficiency, while in operation.

An annual inspection by a plumbing and heating professional helps minimize increases in energy costs for heating and cooling units, avoid unnecessary repairs and provide the assurance of comfort and convenience.

Is Your AC Unit Efficient?

In spring, homeowners begin to focus on the summer months ahead. One of the biggest concerns is their AC units. It’s best to have all air conditioning units inspected before the start of operation.

This avoids down time on hot summer days when humidity is oppressive and temperatures make life indoors uncomfortable.

The plumbing professional cleans and tests the AC unit for efficiency and makes recommendations specific to the type of unit or central air conditioning system.

What About Your Water Heater?

Water heaters are generally the most ignored equipment in homes. Yet, they are expected to be reliable and dependable. Water heaters vary in size, capacity and quantity of use.

In homes with more than two occupants, water heaters get a real workout every day, with up to six showers or baths and gallons of water required. A professional plumber should inspect the home water heater at least once a year to look for signs of wear.

Plumbers drain bottom sediment that occurs when water develops particulate that is passed into home water pipes from municipal sources.


New and existing water heaters should be inspected to insure heating elements are operating at proper temperatures and delivering the water capacity specified by the manufacturer.

Spring into Savings

Have faucets, drains and piping checked by licensed plumbing pros. Often, leaks may begin as a small, unnoticed droplet.

This can develop into a major repair if not repaired soonest. Spring is a good time to repair drippy faucets, clogged or slow running drains and pipes.

As temperatures rise, clogged pipes and drains can emit gasses and odors. Contact your plumber to spring into savings before major repairs are necessary.

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