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The Plumbers Have the Best Recommendation


When designing and constructing a house, one has to consider a lot of plumbing fixtures.

With the numerous numbers of fixtures in the market, it is important to narrow down the choices to a few options. To help you do that, top 10 fixture brands have been discussed below.

General Electric

This brand has been in operation for over 100 years and has ensured a lot of customer satisfaction making it a household name. It has a lot of products ranging from water filtration systems, water disposal, and hybrid hot water heaters.


This brand manufactures plumbing products of high performance for both corporate and residential consumption. It produces good flush valves, bathtub drains, sinks, faucets, and lavatories.

Little Giant

This produces high quality pumps ranging from small fountains to submersible ones.


The specialty of this brand is in faucets and showers that have been manufactured with a lot of pride and accuracy. It produces thermostatic shower mixtures, the Grohe Blue Chilled and Sparking faucet, making it an amazing brand.


This is an outstanding brand when it comes to bathroom and kitchen faucets. It has experienced great success for over four generations with amazing innovations in toilet design and the VibrAcoustic bath line. These innovations have enabled this brand to continue leading.


This brand makes faucets of good quality. It manufactures distinct line of fixtures and faucets for both bathroom and kitchen that makes use of both style and innovation to produce reliable products.

The Sterling Faucet Company

This brand has been manufacturing toilets, bathtubs and sinks since 1907. The company was obtained by Kohler in 1984 and has continued to produces products of good quality that are made to meet the needs of real life.


This brand has gained global success from its Double Cyclone toilet technology. It also has good products on its kitchen and bathroom lines which has enabled it to beat its competition.


installation This brand produces corporate and residential food waste disposal systems. These disposers offer stress-free fixing to any sink flange, has long warranties and offers grinding components that are resistant to corrosion


This brand has been in operation for over 100 years and it manufactures products that confirm that forward thinking technology can be used in everyday life.


There are many more brands that a person can choose from besides the above mentioned. Feel free to try these and many more today.

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