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The Nightmares of Clogged Toilets


A clogged toilet can be a nightmare, especially if it’s your only toilet or it overflows. While some clogs are from obvious sources, such as a child flushing a sock, other causes might not be so clear. Here are five common culprits you may not realize are causing toilet clogs.

5. Luxurious, Multi-Ply Toilet Paper

Single-ply breaks down the fastest. Luxury brands that boast the absorbency of a decent paper towel can clog your toilet much faster than their thinner counterparts.

If you really want to cut down on clogs, choose a brand of toilet tissue designed to be safe for septic systems. It is specially woven to break down easier.

4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Tampons, their wrappers and applicators should not be flushed down the toilet. Pantyliners and pads also need to go in the trash. Keep a small, lidded trash can in the bathroom and make sure it’s lined with a bag at all times. If you keep it under the sink, let your guests know where they can find it to avoid a toilet clog.

3. Condoms and Their Wrappers

There is no type of condom that is safe to flush. Polyurethane, lambskin and latex are all made to avoid punctures and can take years to degrade. The foil packets they are contained in can take even longer. Provide a covered trash can in your guest bedroom to avoid this embarrassing clog.

2. All Manner of Wipes


Baby wipes, personal cleansing wipes, make-up removing cloths and even cleaning wipes do not belong down the toilet.

While some brands do advertise their wares as flushable, these cloths are usually woven too tightly to break down or pass through pipes effectively. Toss them in the trash.

1. Other Hygiene Products

Dental floss, Q-tips, cotton balls and facial tissues can clog your toilet up quite badly. Dental floss is especially bad, as it is strong and can tangle up around other detritus to create a tight and impenetrable clog.

If you want to avoid toilet clogs, the only items that should be flushed are toilet tissue and human waste. All other items need to be put into the trash for proper disposal. If the problem gets really bad, you may also need to have your drains cleaned or even your were line.

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