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The Myth is Not Always True


You may think that you know everything there is to your plumbing, but you would be surprised by how many plumbing myths there are going around.

Many of the facts you think are true are actually destroying and damaging your plumbing. Take a look at three of the most popular plumbing myths below:

1. You Can Throw Anything Down Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are known for being a unit that you can toss away your trash into. Here, you place food that you are done with. While this is generally true, there are a lot of foods that you can’t put in there.

For instance, you can’t push citrus fruits down there. While there are a lot of blogs that say citrus fruits are good for leaving your garbage disposal smelling fresh, the citric acid within them will actually just cause your drain and pipes to corrode and rush.

If you want your garbage disposal to smell fresh, instead opt for a mild dish soap or vinegar. You also should stray away from pouring cooking grease down your garbage disposal, as this can cause serious clogs to form. Besides cooking oils, banana peels, eggshells, coffee and potato peelings should be kept out of the garbage disposal.

2. You Can’t Stop a Clog From Happening

Anyone who tells you that you can’t prevent a clog from happening is clearly lying to you. It is definitely easier for you to clog up all of your plumbing fixtures than for you to eliminate a clog from them. That’s why you need to take the steps necessary to stop clogs from forming.


For instance, most shower and bathroom sink clogs are the result of soap scum or hair buildup, which is why you need to keep these items from going down the drain. You can do this by employing catch all filters and cleaning out your drains regularly.

3. All Plumbers Are the Same

To say that all plumbers are the same is by far the biggest misconception. Each plumber brings their own skills, background, experience and knowledge to the job.

Not every plumber can handle and fix the problem at hand, which is why you always need to do your research before hiring anyone. Make sure that the plumber you are choosing to come into your home is capable to repairing what’s wrong with your plumbing.

Don’t let the myths get to you in your Tucson home. Call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 today, and overcome these plumbing myths!