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The Guaranteed Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom


Remodeling anywhere inside a house can be time consuming and expensive. This task needs to be given adequate planning, to ensure that the goals and benefits of the remodeling process are realized. The bathroom is one such room that is usually given a face lift from time to time. Whenever a full scale bathroom remodeling is being planned, it is usually beneficial for a cost benefit analysis to be conducted. Everyone likes to enjoy the full gratification of an upgraded bathroom. This article will list the 3 main benefits that can be realized from a remodeled bathroom.

Added Value

A bathroom is normally the biggest selling point of any home. On the other hand, if it is not maintained, it could also be a factor of devaluation for the home. Any upgrade you make of it, (even with an older home), will raise its property value. A well kept and upgraded bathroom, gives a potential buyer a personal look into your lifestyle. It promotes what you value in life as important. If at anytime you decide to sell the house with a bathroom that isn’t remodeled, it can be difficult. Outdated fixtures and old pipe fittings usually give prospective buyers a hopeless outlook on the home.


Safety Upgrade

This aspect of remodeling should always take priority over adding accessories and luxury items. Not everyone thinks about safety first, so if you acquire a new home, try to ensure that the bathroom is not accident prone. If you have kids and elderly individuals in the family, change those tiles to non slip versions. Sometimes the bathroom tub is created of concrete and has very sharp curbs. Remodeling for safety should prompt you to remove such a tub and replace it with a open door walk-in shower, if possible. These upgrades are guaranteed to reduce and possibly eliminate accidents in the bathroom.


Nothing is more annoying than a leaking bathroom pipe. This is usually caused by aging faucets or sometimes residents who forget to shut the tap off properly after use. A state of the art motion detecting pipe upgrade would be perfect. If that is out of reach financially, just a simple upgrade of faucets is sufficient. New faucets and shower water output are claimed to be 33% more efficient than those made prior to 1970. This efficient upgrade will eventually save the household on utility bill charges in the long run.

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