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The Top 5 Bathroom Trends


Look in any home improvement store and you’ll find countless new bathroom fixtures that will inspire you to transform your space from a basic bathroom into a place of comfort and luxury. From water saving devices to high end luxuries, here are the hottest trends right now.

Eco-friendly Toilets, Faucets and Showers

Saving water is good for the planet and your pocketbook. With that in mind, many companies are now selling toilet models that offer two flush modes. With a .8 or 1.6 gallon per flush option, you can choose how much water you use.

Once only found in public restrooms, hands-free faucets are now available for home use. While a standard faucet uses 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm), hands-free fixtures include aerators that drop the water flow to 1.5 gpm and use top of the line technology to keep accidental activation to a minimum. Hand-free fixtures also keep dirty hands away, reducing clean-up time.

New technology in low-flow shower-heads can make a shower feel heavenly. These water saving fixtures cut water usage from 2.5 gpm to 1.6 gpm. However, they increase the droplet size and water velocity to deliver an experience similar to a higher flow faucet.

New Sink Choices

A sleek new sink can add a splash of style to any bathroom. One popular choice is an under-mount sink that complements stone countertops and are easy to clean.

Vessel sinks look like decorative bowls sitting above the countertop. These are trending due to many available choices such as china, stone and glass with intricate design features.


Deluxe Splurges

Transform your daily shower into a spa-like experience by installing a high-tech shower from Kohler. Controlled by an LCD monitor mounted to an outside wall, this shower lets you choose your desired water pressure and temperature. It also releases steam from above and includes a state of the art stereo system.

Duravit offers a whirlpool tub that comes equipped with a cover to keep the circulating water hot. Users can lay on the cover for warm relaxation or pull it back to use as a headrest while bathing.

Many varieties of walk-in tubs are now available for people with limited mobility or certain medical conditions. Most use an air jet system which is ideal for those with circulatory conditions or diabetes.

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