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Neglecting Air Conditioning Maintenance Costing Southern High Schoo

Tucson Air Conditioning repair expert Spartan Plumbing would like to remind all homeowners and residents the importance of maintaining their homes Air conditioning or cooling unit.  With the ending of Winter brings the warmer weather of the Spring and Summer seasons, which means homeowners and residents alike will be turning on the A/C (Air Conditioning) for the first time of the year.

Recently an unfortunate case at Southern High surfaced in which the cooling and air conditioning were found to be in desperate of maintenance thus leaving the school gym and fine arts auditorium without air conditioning.  Moreover the faulty Air Conditioning Cooling unit has also been limiting air flow and conditioning in certain classrooms and departments.

Deputy Superintendent at Southern High, Chris Anderson, commented on the Air Conditioning debacle stating; “The issues that were brought up were two-fold, one was addressing the issues was specifically the status of air-conditioning units, or the lack thereof in the gym and the fine arts auditorium, and then also with the cafeteria, not the air conditioning but just the overall cleanliness and what was happening in terms of the maintenance of the cafeteria.”

Unfortunately Southern High neglected maintenance on their air conditioning cooling unit for so long that the overdue repairs will end up costing them much more then if they would have just regularly maintained their air conditioning unit. It’s possible their repair bills could be almost the cost of a new ac unit installation.

Learning from the mistake Southern High could end up saving you substantial amounts of money, if you are concerned that the air conditioning cooling unit is overdue for inspection, maintenance, repair, or even replacement make sure to contact a professional at the first sign of issue.  If located in the Tucson or Southwest region contact Tucson’s premiere air conditioning technicians at licensed, bonded, and insured Spartan Plumbing!