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Several Sioux City Households Displaced Due to Sewer Gas and Inadequate Plumbing

Green Valley Plumbing experts Spartan Plumbing incorporated recently came across the story of 26 households in South Sioux City who have been displaced from their homes due to sewer gas leaks and are now urging residents to have their homes tested for sewer gas detection at the first sign of issue.

A major sign that there might be a sewer gas leak in your plumbing is if you can smell sewer odor coming from your pipes, if you are experiencing this at your home make sure to contact a local plumbing expert immediately. You may need to get the sewer line repaired or even repiped.

Unfortunately for the 26 displaced households in South Sioux City it is a case of too little being done too late in regards to the leaking sewer gas line and now these households have been forced to live in hotels for several months.

Initially city officials blamed a nearby energy facility for the odor being emitted from the sewer however after reanalyzing the sewer line officials now claim that the energy plant is separate from the residential sewer lines with no cross section and that the odor could not possibly be from the plant.  Unfortunately, this oversight cost much valuable time and now 26 homes have failed plumbing tests and the residents have been forced to vacate indefinably.

As of last week the city has ceased financing temporary housing and legal action continues to wage on from multiple angles.

In order to best prevent from finding yourself in a similar predicament Green Valley plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated urge residents to have their homes sewer lines tested for sewer gas leaks at the first sign of issue.  Furthermore make sure to communicate with your local plumbing expert whether or not maintenance is necessary.

For more information on sewer gas leak detection and repair make sure to contact the experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!