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Signs Your Gas Line Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Learn About Some of the Signs a Gas Line Needs Fixed

A defective gas line is something that necessitates immediate attention on your part. Not only is it a health hazard, but the damaged line could also lead to a fire. Fortunately, some signs will tell you it’s time to have your gas line checked and repaired if needed. Watch out for the following signs:


Weird Smell

A weird smell is usually one of the first things you’ll notice when a gas leak occurs. A gas leak smell is distinctive and can cause headaches after a few minutes. Note though, that the smell is usually present if you’re near the gas leak or if you have an enclosed kitchen with a fairly small footage space. An open kitchen or one with a steady stream of air flow will not smell, so you’ll need to watch out for other signs.

Sudden Bill Increase

You should have a fairly good idea of how much your gas bill costs per month. If the amount suddenly skyrockets or gets a little bit higher with no apparent reason, you might want to have it checked out. It’s very easy for a small gas leak to turn into a big one if ignored for a couple of days, so you’d want to make sure it gets patched up as soon as there’s any indication of a leak.

Plants Start to Die

It’s a good idea to place plants near the gas line to act as an initial warning sign of problems. Plants are very sensitive to harmful chemicals in the air and will instantly wither if there’s a gas leak. If vegetation starts to die and there isn’t any good reason for it, you should have your gas lines checked to make sure they aren’t the cause. This is a win-win situation because, with plants in the house, you add a little bit of life in the room!

Check the Lines for Exterior Signs of Decay

The exterior of the line itself should indicate whether a repair needs to be made. Old, rusted, and corrugated lines necessitate some action on your part – even if the gas bill is stable or the plants remain healthy. External signs of decay are, by themselves, an indicator that a problem is about to happen. It’s better to have them fixed now instead of waiting for your gas bill to tell you there’s a leak.

There’s a Hissing Sound

The sound of air escaping from the gas line is distinctive and fairly common if the leak is big enough. This can be tricky, though, so you have to listen closely to hear the sound. Turn off any items that cause sounds in your home, and try to listen for a few minutes. It’s usually a good idea to do this at night because it’s quieter. If you notice a hissing sound, the next thing to do is to turn off the gas line and listen again. If the hissing sound has stopped, call the repair people right away for an immediate fix.

Appliance Malfunction

Pay attention to the appliances that make use of gas, specifically the stove and the water heater. If any of these two start to malfunction, then this likely means that there’s not enough gas getting into them, one of the possible reasons being leakage. Any unusual noise requires the input of a gas line repair expert.

If you notice any of the above signs,you should call Spartan Plumbing and have them visit your property for a thorough check-up. Staffed with experienced plumbers and holders of government-backed licenses, Spartan Plumbing can offer homeowners quality results within a reasonable amount of time.