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Sewage Burst Problems Tied To Vandalism | Avra Valley Plumbing

The Avra Valley plumbing professionals at Spartan Plumbing recently came across a story out of the South African provinces of Leonardsville and Ladysmith involving sewer problems tied to vandalism.

Leonardsville, Ladysmith, as well as other surrounding areas have recently faced numerous sewage burst problems and as a result the outcry ensued.  With the complaits mounting up prompted uThukela district Municipality Mayor Siphiwe Mazibuko, and chief engineer responsible for Ladysmith, Thabiso Mngoma, to inspect the sewer pump station for any signs of issue.

The municipality wanted to confirm their suspicions that the sewer problems were due to vandalism and ongoing theft of the copper cables that supply power to the pump.  The copper cables which are intended to supply power to the transformers have continually been targeted by thieves for the copper value.

In addition to stealing the copper pump wires the thieves vandalized the panels inside the transformer station for no apparent reason.  Thabiso Mngoma commented on the issue stating; “The vandalism seems to be a continuous thing, with the pump station having been vandalized and cables stolen more than three times already,”.

The community outcry has made it obvious to municipality officials that security at the sewer pump facility must be upgraded.  Mayor Mazibuko commented on the issue with the following; “We understand the impact has caused on residents of Leonardsville and its surrounding areas, and we ask people to bear with us as we try to resolve the matter by upgrading security,”.

Hopefully this will be the last time Leonardsville and Ladysmith will have to deal with sewage burst problems.  If you have any exposed copper wire at your home or business the Avra Valley plumbing professionals at Spartan Plumbing would like to remind to cover all visible copper wire or consult a professional for assistance.  If located in the Avra Valley or Tucson areas contact the professionals at Spartan!