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Severe Plumbing Backflow Issues in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

A severe plumbing backflow issue in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya has Glendale plumber Spartan Plumbing Incorporated urging residents to learn from the mistakes of others.

Apparently local restaurants have carelessly been pouring leftover curries and oil from deep-fried foods down the drain as a standard means of disposal.  Due to the high volume of oil build up that has occurred over time there is now severe backflow occurring in the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Local authorities are calling the backflow “FOG” which is an acronym for the primary contents of the sludge being; fat, oil, and grease.

Not only is the FOG backing up into the streets but experts believe that the dangerous sludge is contributing to the pollution of rivers.  Furthermore Kuala Lumpur City Hall representative Ghandi explained that; “…oil and grease will stick to the pipes and mixing with materials like polystyrene and plastic waste and they will eventually harden and block the flow of water. A backflow is just one of the problems. The added stress oil and grease cause to our ageing reticulation system will result in broken pipes, leakages and sinking manholes. It will be havoc if a flashflood occurred on top of that. All these problems cost money and time to fix and those who are contributing to this mess must be held accountable,”.

Thankfully city officials are cracking down on restaurants that have practiced irresponsible grease disposal. However as Glendale plumbing experts Spartan Plumbing incorporated it is ultimately up to the individual to responsibly dispose of grease.

For the home kitchen Glendale plumbing experts suggest keeping an old coffee can or similar canister in the kitchen for the specific purpose of using it to dispose of grease.  Once the canister is reasonably full make sure that the top is secure and throw it away in your trashcan.

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