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It’s almost that time of year where it’s roasting hot every day, but Spartan is here to give you some tips to help you get through this summer. One important tip for staying cool this summer is not waiting till the last minute to have a licensed professional like Spartan examine your AC. If you wait till the last minute. If you do you could be forced to wait longer periods of time before being able to be helped, leaving you or family/ business in the heat.

Experts around the country say the time is now to preform preventative maintenance on your AC, and even sometimes your furnace. The most important when looking for a company to conduct your preventative maintenance on your heating your cooling system is finding a licensed trustworthy company like Spartan.

One such smart homeowner in Indiana said the regular service maintenance on his heating a cooling have saved him a lot of money, and also headaches too. There are a couple basic tips people can use to do some basic maintenance themselves at home with their AC units. The first tip is to always make sure that your AC filters are clean. The next tip is to make sure your outdoor coil is clean this will help the whole unit as a whole operate more efficiently. You should always be careful whenever doing any maintenance on your own, and if you’re unsure don’t do it call a licensed professional like Spartan to do the job.

AC repairs can be expensive so preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems could end up saving your thousands of dollars. If you or someone you know is in the need of Heating, Cooling, or Plumbing services in Arizona call Spartan. Our dedicated team of licensed professionals can handle any job you may have. See why Spartan Plumbing has been serving Arizona since 1987, Contact us today and find out the Spartan difference!




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