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Rookie of the Year Shifts From Pitching to Plumbing

Talented Major League Pitcher and 2016 Rookie of the Year Michael Fulmer shocked fans and Vail Plumbing experts alike when news became public that he works part time in the off season as a plumber.

According to friends and family Fulmer has remained to stay humble throughout his rise to Major League superstardom with the Detroit Tigers.  Fulmer has worked previous off-seasons as a golf course attendant in the Oklahoma City area.  Now instead of herding golf carts and glad-handing country club members Fulmer plans on digging ditches and fixing leaky toilets among other duties as a plumber this off-season.


Fulmer’s boss stated that he doesn’t”… cut him any slack, he digs ditches and gets dirty and does whatever needs to be done.” Instead of sleeping in and binge watching television shows like most might, Fulmer has been spending his off season days in backyards in the Oklahoma City area digging ditches and changing sewer lines or old pipes, working in basements changing out water heaters, in kitchens working on sinks, or in bathrooms working on toilets in need of service.

Of Fulmer’s work Wright had the following to say; “Generally, it’s hard, when he’s working with me, he’s usually digging in or working on jackhammers. It’s pretty physical work, but he’s a great worker. He always wants to know more, he wants to know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and he never complains.”

Fulmer doesn’t mind the strenuous work as a plumber stating that he felt “It’s a different kind of workout, Digging out of 6-foot ditches all the time and shoveling quite a bit. So, it’s a different type of workout, and it helps before I start working out in the offseason.”

Plumbing is hard work but can be very rewarding as Fulmer has found out in his transition from professional baseball player to professional plumber!

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