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The Reasoning Behind Clog Toilets


Think about it. When there’s a clogged toilet in the house, no one is happy. Plumbers will tell you that it doesn’t take much to clog a toilet, as you read below.

1. Low Water Pressure. It sounds simple enough, because there is not enough force to move materials down to their final destination. That means more water is needed in the tank. Perfect water pressure is indicated by the height of the outlet of its internal P-trap.

2. Toilet paper excess. Some of you use too much, and you know who you are. The saturated mass of toilet paper blocks the gateway to the toilet’s waste pipe.

3. Tampons. Can we get personal, ladies? Most tampons are not flush-able, and yet the practice continues. Some tampons disappear and others will gather in a bunch and eventually cause a major clog.

4. Toilet paper type. If it’s thick, more absorbent and features multiple-ply, that could also pose a problem to the toilet trap. Plumbers encourage the purchase of single-ply paper instead of the cushion-y kind.

5. Clogged drain line. This is a problem where the clog gradually blocks out the water supply to the septic tank/sewage system. The choked out drain line could be emerging from elsewhere, like your washing machine line.

6. Hard water deposits. Familiar with a toilet that is flushing slowly and often incompletely? Hard water deposits are often to blame. Deposits could be clogging the nozzles underneath the rim.


7. Accidental drops. Random objects can be flushed by error and not only when a child is playing with a toy. It could be a razor blade that falls in or even a toothbrush.

8. Hair. Maybe you’re in the habit of cleaning out your hairbrush/comb and tossing hair into the bowl. Or you might be flushing away Fido’s pet fur. Hair clumps are bad news clogs.

9. Baby wipes. These popular cleansing towelettes for your little one are not flush-able. Avoid tossing these into the bowl or you risk a nasty clog.

10. Toilet bowl fresheners. Fresheners hanging over the rim of the toilet can cause problems when the hooks rot out and the freshener drops into the toilet during a flush.

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