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The Potential Problems with DIY Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains maybe just an ordinary household issue, but they could easily turn into a more serious problem if not resolved the right way. Some of the common effects of clogged drains include slow drainage, foul odor, and bad water taste. These issues may seem simple and you may try to fix them using DIY drain cleaning solutions. What you may not realize is that this could be causing more damage than good in the long run.


Clogged Drain Pipe

Why Exactly is DIY Drain Cleaning Not a Good Idea?

1. It can be dangerous for people in the home.

The chemicals used in drain cleaning products are strong and toxic. It may cause harm to the body if it comes in contact with skin or is inhaled. It may also cause damage to your pipes. It is not recommended to use these strong chemicals.

Aside from the toxic chemicals, other DIY methods can also be dangerous to household owners. First, a lot of people try to stick their hands down a drain initially to try to pull out whatever may be blocking it. This method could end up leaving your hand stuck in the drain or worse, cut by sharp edges in the pipe itself. Removing your hand from the drain may be time-consuming, painful, and even costly.

Another DIY method is pouring boiling water down the drain. As simple as it seems, it’s common for people to accidentally spill or splash boiling water on themselves when they attempt this. In order to avoid these issues and ensure that the drain is unclogged for good, it is best to let those who are trained and experienced to do the repair.

2. It can cause damage to pipes.

Drain cleaning products can cause serious damage to pipes in the long run. The chemicals in these products are strong enough to gradually eat through PVC or metal pipes. The corrosive acid content starts dissolving the joints and gradually affects longer sections of pipe as well.

3. It is only a temporary solution.

Do-it-yourself drain cleaning methods are often ineffective in the long run. They only provide a temporary solution to clogged drains. What they do is clear out the blockage in the drain just enough for the water to flow again. Once the blockage begins to rebuild, the drain gets clogged again resulting in a vicious cycle.

Spartan Plumbing provides drain cleaning services that ensures quality and a long-lasting fix.

4. It does not identify the real problem.

The best way to provide an effective and permanent solution is by diagnosing the real cause of the problem. Do-it-yourself drain cleaning only provides a temporary remedy for clogged drains. Yet, without the right tools and adequate training, identifying the cause may be nearly impossible. After all, even though the blockage appears to be simple, it may indicate that there are other, underlying problems going on in the pipe.

At Spartan Plumbing, they start by listening to the customers’ needs and concerns. Then, they check the area and utilize special techniques to detect the real culprit. With their experience in plumbing, they can easily identify the cause and provide solutions that last.

5. It is time-consuming.

Some clogged drains require certain equipment and techniques. Doing it yourself, without proper tools and knowledge, could take hours. Professional plumbing technicians can solve these issues within minutes by utilizing a water jetting technique which they have been trained for at Spartan Plumbing.

All the problems of DIY drain cleaning explained above can be avoided by seeking the service of the professionals who have the proper equipment, undergo specialized training, and possess years of experience. Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is an expert in this industry, with more than three decades of experience. They cater to the plumbing repair needs of the residents of Tucson at a reasonable and fair price. They ensure drains are cleared faster and stay clean longer.