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4 Plumbing Tips That Can Help You Save Money

At Spartan, we are all about saving you money and making sure your plumbing, heating, & cooling units are all working for you the best they can. That is why we have complied a list of 4 plumbing tips that a person, or business can use to save them money on plumbing costs in the future or now. Follow these 4 tips to help protect your properties plumbing!

  1. Preventative Maintenance Programs – It may seem like a waste to pay for preventative maintenance for your plumbing system, but this can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It is always more beneficial to pay for preventative care opposed to having to pay for emergency plumbing help, so preform preventative maintenance whenever possible.
  2. Lower Water Heater Temperature – It can save you money lowering your water heater temperature especially if its already too hot for your liking. Don’t lower your temperature too low though it’s good to keep the temperature at about 120 Fahrenheit for summer.
  3. Check For Roots – Having your sewer line checked for roots can save you a lot of money in the long run. Roots often burst pipes causing huge plumbing problems especially if you have lots of trees on your property. Tree roots will grow towards resources such as pipes that are leaking so be careful of roots on your property.
  4. Rely on Rain – It can often save you lots of money on plumbing in the long run getting a rainwater reclamation system. They allow you to harvest rainwater and reuse it for landscaping saving you money on your water bills. Re-using rainwater in this way is not only good for your pocket but good for the environment.

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