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Plumbing Tips For You

At Spartan, we are all about saving you money and making sure your plumbing is working at peak performance. That is why we have created a blog with 5 Plumbing Tips For You! You can use these plumbing tips for your home or business! If you still have questions about saving money in your home or business call us at Spartan today and see how we can help you!

  1. Need a Toilet To Flush? – Use a bucket of water to flush the toilet in a bind! Fill a 2-gallon bucket with water and flush the toilet by dumping the water in the bowl!
  2. Use A Plunger For Clogs – A Plunger can be used for all types of clogs from ones in the kitchen to ones in the bathroom, just make sure you use different ones!
  3. Use A Magnet To Find Pipes – If you are looking for where your pipes are located in your walls using a strong earth magnet can be a great help!
  4. Shop Vacuum – When a harder object like a toothbrush or comb plugs up the toilet you can use your shop vacuum to remove the clog but be careful!
  5. Wrap Pipes – Wrapping pipes in adhesive backed felt tape can help in heating costs and improve the lifetime of your plumbing!

Don’t hesitate to contact Spartan today for help dealing with clogged drains.. If you or someone you know is dealing with plumbing problems in the greater Tucson area. Let one of our dedicated team members come out to your residence and handle all your problems for you! At Spartan Plumbing we are dedicated to serving you with the highest quality service. Contact Spartan today and stop worrying about those plumbing problems now!


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